Saturday, August 23, 2008

11 Weeks

Yesterday was the start of my 11th week of pregnancy! I can't really complain about my symptoms up to this point, but there were a few scary weeks around the beginning. Here's a little bit of background information for you:

Jeramie and I went to my first appointment around 6 weeks. At that point, some things were happening that led the doctor to give us a 50/50 chance of continuing with a normal pregnancy. We were devastated, although hopeful. Fast forward a few days and my "issues" became worse. At that point, I lost all sense of hope and began mourning the loss of our tiny, developing baby. Jeramie, and many great friends, helped me realize that was not a healthy thing to be doing and we all prayed, and prayed, and prayed. I have never experienced a time in my life when I had to lean so heavily on God ... it was AMAZING!

The next appointment revealed something called a subchorionic hematoma, which the doctor now believes was the cause of all my problems. We also saw, and HEARD, our baby's heartbeat that day which brought both Jeramie and I to tears. Hearing that incredible sound was just reassurance that the three of us were going to be OK.

(A few other things happened during this time, but I'll spare my male readers all the details. If you care to know more, I'd be more than happy to talk about it more in depth.)

So now, here I am at 11 weeks and 1 day. Our baby is completely fine and my hematoma is now a thing of the past. I thank God everyday for bringing us through those 3 weeks of uncertainty, and allowing the baby and myself to remain safe and healthy during the process.

Here's a little snapshot of how I've been passing my time (before school started, that is!) :

Can you pinpoint a time in your life when you needed an extra dose of faith and trust to make it through?

Monday, August 18, 2008

One + One = Three

The word is out and there's tons of excitement in the air! Jeramie and I have been making our rounds and sharing the great news that we're going to have a baby! We are VERY excited and so thankful for this tiny miracle that God has placed in my body.

I've always thought that I would enjoy having a blog, but never really felt as though I had a "reason", or anything to write about. Well, now the time has come! I look forward to sharing my thoughts, feelings, fears, and happy moments as we plan for the arrival of our little baby. Who knows, maybe I'll even let you in on a few other areas of my life as well! :)

Here's to the journey of a lifetime...
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