Tuesday, September 29, 2015


to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health

Do you remember back in April of 2009, when Ethan's heart stopped and everyone involved with bringing him back to life thought he wouldn't make it through the night? 

Do you remember the desperation Jeramie and I felt as we watched our son fight for his life yet again, without even having the chance to come home from the hospital? 

Do you remember the fear and sadness that loomed heavy in our hearts, along with the hope in our God who sees, loves, redeems, and restores?

I want you to remember, because I want you to see how big our God is.

Ever since Ethan's cardiac arrest, my prayer has been that the Lord would see fit to restore Ethan's heart to its healthy state. By no means was his heart "normal" or "perfect" prior to that night, but it would allow him to live a very long, full life. On April 22, 2009 -- at six and a half weeks old -- that all changed. Ethan's life-expectancy went from decades to hours, and his quality of life took an unknown turn for the worst. 

But God.

He sees the sad mama all alone in the pumping room, pleading on behalf of her child who may never live to drink the milk her body provides for him. 

He hears the cries of those who mourn for what might be. 

He comforts fearful, saddened hearts. 

He listens to the prayers of His people and He is mighty to save!

This morning, Ethan had a routine check-up with his cardiologist. These visits have become increasingly more "boring" recently, especially since his surgery last summer, and any heart mama will tell you that boring visits are the very best kind! Today's was boring in the most exciting way, though...

After an echo, EKG, and pacemaker interrogation, Dr. I came in to share the news with us: Ethan's heart is doing phenomenally well! The pressure across his conduit is in the normal (NORMAL!) range, and the pressures of his branch pulmonary arteries are not of concern anymore. He even went as far to say that if it weren't for the pacemaker, Ethan would be switched to yearly (YEARLY!) visits. 

The heart that struggled to beat even months after it stopped is HEALTHY. Restored. Dare I say, healed? The Lord has taken that six-and-a-half-year prayer of mine and has turned my mourning into gladness today! He is healing not only Ethan's heart, but mine as well. 

Do you see how good He is?

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