Friday, April 11, 2014


If you frequent Facebook, I'm sure you're aware that yesterday was "Sibling Day".  A friend of mine has a hunch that this random holiday was made up by Facebook to encourage people to waste more time on their site.  I can buy that, given that I saw posts yesterday from people I forgot were even on Facebook! Either way - whether it's real or made-up - it made me think about, well, siblings.

One month shy of my fourth birthday, I was woken up in the middle of the night to learn that my baby sister had made her entrance into the world.  I remember being excited, but mostly annoyed -- a mix of emotions that continued well into our teenage years.  We fought a lot as kids, but now that we are both mature adults (ahem), Jessi and I are best friends.

As much as yesterday made me think about her, it made me think about the only children, too.  It reminded me of how grateful I am to have my sister, and it increased the ache in my heart for Ethan to grow up with a sibling.  In our culture these days, I think siblings are viewed as somewhat of a "guarantee".  Meaning, when I meet someone new and they learn that I have 5-year old son, their next question is (typically), "How old are your other kids?".  It can be a bit awkward to answer that, but I've learned to simply say, "He's our only child for now."

For now.

For how long? We don't know.  If Jeramie and I had it our way, we'd have a baby in our house right now, but we don't.  Even the adoption process has seemed to be one closed door after another.  It's difficult to understand, but we hold fast to God's faithfulness.

Last month, Jeramie and I attended a meeting for our county's Foster-to-Adopt program.  I went into it to simply gather information and fully expected to learn that it wouldn't be "do-able" for our family right now.  However, we walked out with excitement in our hearts and an application in our hands -- an application that is now en route to our county's human services department.

Never, ever, ever would I have guessed we'd be on this road.  I'm scared, but excited.  I'm hesitant, but eager.  I'm sure there will be heart-break, but there will also be love.  There will be challenges, but also opportunities. God has made it very clear to us that the command is to care for orphans, and I'm trusting that He is going to guide our steps along the way.

I very much look forward to the day that another face (or two) is added to our family photo and Ethan has a sibling to call his own.  I find comfort in knowing that God's promises are true and the desires of our hearts are known to Him.  I pray our family will grow - physically and spiritually - out of this trust in and obedience to His plan.  

Will you pray with us, also?

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