About Us

“Signs of Life” is a blog written by me, Joye, about my family and our faith.  I am a full-time teacher turned stay-at-home-mama; a lover of Jesus, good music, and strong coffee.

Jeramie is my husband, who works full-time with a well-known insurance company to provide for our family.  He is full of grace and jokes, which makes him a fantastic husband and father.

Ethan is our seven-year old son, who is full of life and highly opinionated.  He was born with multiple birth defects, the most severe being a beautifully broken heart.  This blog acts as a baby book, of sorts, as I’ve chronicled his entire life story here - from the womb, until now. To read more of Ethan’s story, from the beginning, I would suggest you start here.

Jeramie and I are also foster parents to a very curious five-year-old and her super snugly three-year-old brother. This means there is currently never a dull moment in our house!

I’m so glad you’ve found us; we hope you’ll stick around!

For in Him we live and move and have our being ... for we are indeed His offspring.
-Acts 17:28 

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