About Us

“Signs of Life” is a blog written by me, Joye, about my family and our faith.  I am a full-time teacher turned stay-at-home-mama; a lover of Jesus, good music, and strong coffee.

Jeramie is my husband, who works full-time with an awesome startup in the Triangle to provide for our family.  He is full of grace and jokes, which makes him a fantastic husband and father.

Ethan is our nine-year old son, who is growing and changing by the day. He is curious, creative, and oh so brave! He was born with multiple birth defects, the most severe being a beautifully broken heart.  This blog acts as a baby book, of sorts, as I’ve chronicled his entire life story here - from the womb, until now. To read more of Ethan’s story, from the beginning, I would suggest you start here.

Jeramie and I are also foster-turned-adoptive parents to Sierra and Aidan. They have been in our family since April of 2015 and we are so thrilled to now be their forever mama and daddy!

I’m so glad you’ve found us; we hope you’ll stick around!

For in Him we live and move and have our being ... for we are indeed His offspring.
-Acts 17:28 

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