Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ethan has had a great couple of days! He has tolerated the CPAP well and only gets mad when it's time to change out the tube. This makes for great video of him crying, though! Speaking of, those vocal cords are warming up and his cries are getting louder and louder; I LOVE it!!

I was also able to spend another hour or so holding him yesterday. He was awake for most of it and held my gaze about 90% of the time. I rocked him to sleep while singing "Amazing Grace" and then it was back to bed. It was such sweet mommy/Ethan time!

When we came in this morning the CPAP pressure had been turned down to 5! If you remember from my previous post, a pressure of 5 or 6 is where we need to be in order to get rid of the Blue Monster. It looks like we're there! Of course, it all depends on how well Ethan tolerates this small amount of pressure. They'll look at his blood gas levels, whether he's having any desaturations, and his chest x-ray. Those 3 things will determine if he can come off of CPAP sometime today. We definitely don't want to rush him, but it would be so nice if we can get rid of this machine for good! Pray that Ethan's lungs would be stronger than ever, and that he would have the stamina to continue breathing on his own.

On a different note, Baby Trevor's memorial service is in 15 minutes (11:00 a.m.) Please lift up Torrey, Jodi, and their families as they prepare for such a difficult day.

We love y'all, and are so thankful for the prayers you're sending up on behalf of our son, and all the friends we've made along the way!


Janet Fuller said...

This is indeed wonderful news that the CPAP is down to five. It is also wonderful that God is never to busy to hear our prayers or overloaded with all the prayers lifted up that he tires. Praise God from whom all blessing flow.
Torrey and Jodi and their families continue to be in our prayers during this difficult time of loss for them.

Genia said...

I am very excited to hear of Ethan's progress. He remains in our prayers daily. The boys lift "Baby Ethan" up in prayer before they go to bed. It is so sweet to hear little ones praying to our Father on behalf of another little one. Continue to stay strong and be encouraged (Colossians 2:2-5) for our Father is full of love and mercy and his strength endures forever.

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