Sunday, March 22, 2009

Update on Ethan

I apologize for the lack of updates lately! I've started many different posts, but either didn't have time to finish them or couldn't find the words to explain what's been going on. Here's my attempt to catch you guys up.

The bronchoscopy showed that the bleeding is NOT coming from Ethan's lungs! The pulmonologist seems to think it's coming from his upper airways since the tissue there is very edemas, friable, and prone to bleeding. Since Tuesday, the bleeding has slowed down significantly, however. As of this morning, Ethan is off of the Fentanyl and Versed, as well as his feedings. This is in preparation of extubating him later on this afternoon! They will re-assess his situation around 3:00 and decide then if it's time to take the tube out. I'm so looking forward to that happening, but I'm so scared at the same time. Please pray that this attempt will go much better than the last. They are going to monitor his bleeding and if it looks like it's becoming a problem, he will be intubated AGAIN. The fewer times this tube goes in and out of his body, the better. Let's hope this is the last!

The bleeding/vent issue has been our biggest hurdle this week. Other than that, Ethan is doing very well. He continues to remain stable and is really good about calming himself down once he's been worked up. I think we've got a very good baby on our hands :)

You've already read about my highlight of the week, but we've also been able to give him a bath and change some diapers. It's amazing how such a simple task can mean so much!

Thank you for continuing to lift up our little man. Your prayers are loud, strong, and effective! You can also be praying for Jeramie and I as we're beginning to feel worn down and tired of being in the hospital. We need the strength to press on these next couple of weeks! We love you guys, and appreciate you more than you know!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so glad things continue to get better - keep us posted about the extubation. That will be a HUGE hurdle!

Anonymous said...

Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless His Holy NAME!
Our prayers are with you all.
If Kevin and his wife are still in the waiting room with you , please tell them Charlotte's granny is praying for them too.
I didn't comment the other day when you shared about "Amazing Grace", but everytime I would be with Charlotte, it was "Mighty to Save". I tried to think of the words to other songs, but God would have none of that. I guess it was the song He had chosen, as I'm sure He chose "Amazing Grace" for Ethan.
Much love and happy belated birthday to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy, HAPPY birthday to Ethan's Mama! :)

Lois Johnson

Joelle said...

Happy birthday Joye! I know that present yesterday was such a blessing to your heart! I have told my family your story and they continue to lift all of you up in prayer. Hang in there!!
much love,

Genia said...

Happy Birthday JoJo. I pray the Lord is able to provide you another wonderful birthday present with Ethan's extubation going well. We continue to pray for you, Jeramie, and Ethan daily.

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine a better gift than to be able to hold your little boy for an entire hour! What a blessing God has given you and your husband.

Lord, please continue to bless the doctors with the good sense and conscious to care for little Ethan as though he is their own. Send down your healing, strengthening love to Ethan, Joye, and Jeramie as they walk through their lives every day. Thank you for the opportunity to share in this family's life and to raise their concerns to you.

Sarah Phelps

Emily Jenkins said...

Hey Friend- happy late birthday. Is it just me or does the thought of your own birthday seem a little more special now that you are a mommy? You'll be celebrating Ethan's 1st soon without all the tubes and machines. We are believing with you- you can do it! He is beautiful! We are also doing some serious interceding here in K-ville, the whole family. Mama sends her love. xoxo-

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