Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random Updates

Hey y'all. I've been a picture uploading fool lately and haven't really bothered to give you guys an update on our little man. Please forgive the randomness of the next following statements; there's been a lot of little things going on lately!

Things have been going pretty well the past couple of days. For a baby who isn't able to eat, he sure doesn't have any problems sleeping! The cardiologist assured me today that him sleeping so much is OK, and we'll get a schedule figured out once he's able to start eating.

Speaking of eating, it seems the doctors have decided to make his treatment course for Nec 10 days instead of 14. This means his feeds will start on Monday, instead of next Thursday, which means we'll be 4 days closer to going home!!

Ethan had a CT scan yesterday (which he slept through) to take a closer look at a sacral dimple that he has. We found out today that there are no concerns and we don't need to take any further action with that.

We've yet to meet with anyone from orthopedics. We've been told we'll more than likely set up an appointment with them on an outpatient basis after we leave the hospital. Many of you have asked what we know about his arm and, right now, we know nothing more than what we're able to see.

Ethan's heart has pretty much been given the "green light" from the cardiologists. One particular doctor told us that, from a cardiology standpoint, Ethan will live to be 80 or 90 years old and we need to treat him that way. Maybe he sensed a little bit of the overprotecing mother coming out in me?? :) We obviously still have many open heart surgeries in our future but, for now, he's lookin' good.

Oh, and the PICC. What a pain. The last time I updated, we thought we had a decent line; it turns out we don't. Ethan actually pulled out some of the line by kicking his feet together and made it a PIC instead. The 2nd "C" we're missing stands for "central", so we basically have a really, really, really good IV. They're still not able to give him the ideal concentration of TPN, but they were able to up the volume. At this point, we're not sure if they'll try for a PICC again since he'll be getting fed on Monday anyway.

I think that's about all for now. Keep praying for our son! If you're like me, you probably feel like you're saying the same things over and over, or maybe your prayers don't feel as powerful or emotional as they did in the beginning. But, this post is proof that God is still working in Ethan's life. He is still in the business of healing our little boy, and we have the prayers of so many to thank for that. We love you guys!


Kim Smith said...

Dr. Wiener worked at our Duke Children's clinic in Raleigh for awhile. I always thought that it was hilarious that he was a urologist and was named Dr. Wiener. :)

Heidi Bristol said...

we are thinking about you!! I was about to cry until you mentioned Dr. can tell I teach middle schoolers!! I hope you are staying strong!!

Jessica Davis said...

awww...i'm so proud of your little man! I was talking to fred yesterday about his dimple b/c I had never heard about it with Ethan, so I'm so relieved it's nothing to worry about! We saw some shirts at old navy yesterday for him and I was like "Nooooo! that makes him look like he's a 2 year old! We can't have that yet!!" :) Still prayin as hard as ever. I love you and see you Sunday!

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