Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Rough Day

Hello all. Jeramie here. Joye's busy holding Ethan so I thought I'd hijack her blog to give everyone an update.

Today has not been such a great day. This morning Joye and I were being prepped for discharge. They were going to teach us how to manage his feeding tube and had him lined up for a "pre-discharge" echo just to make sure everything is still okay with his heart repair. This evening we've been told that Ethan is being treated for a condition called Necrotizing Enterocolitis or "Nec" for short. This is fairly common among premature babies and babies that have been on bypass as Ethan has. It is potentially life-threatening, but after requesting an honest prognosis from the doctor, he says that it looks good since we caught it as early as we did. We caught it so early, in fact, that they can't say for certain that it's Nec. The signs seem to point to it, though, so they are treating him as if he had it just to be safe.

This has effected Ethan's ability to feed which was the main goal we needed to achieve before discharge. Part of Ethan's treatment for Nec includes being placed on "bowl rest", which basicaly means that he cannot have anything in his stomach for a few days. For anyone familiar with a baby's appetite, you can imagine the kind of trouble this causes. He's very hungry and will be that way for a long time. Tomorrow they will discuss ways to supplement his nuturition. Until then, pray that we make it through the night.

Please pray that this condition does not progress beyond what it already has. We are getting x-rays every 6 hours or so to monitor his progress. We should know the results of the second x-ray sometime tonight.

"Jesus loves him this I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to Him belong
They are weak but He is strong"



Anonymous said...

Hang in there! You will all make it through this.

Heather Thompson said...

This is Trevor's Aunt Heather... we are praying for Ethan!! Keep the faith! God is bigger than this storm you are facing.
Praying for you all ~ Heather

Mandy said...

Saying some prayers for all 3 of you right now. You are all so strong. God knows exactly what you are going through and is right there with you. Let us know if you need anything, I will be home tomorrow! Love ya'll!

Jenn said...

We will be praying for all of you.

The Chappell Family said...

We never stop praying for your family.... We lift up prayers for the tough times and blessings for the steps forward.

Anonymous said...

We know this set back is tough to handle, but you will be home with your sweet baby soon! We are praying for a quick healing and that until he can eat - you guys can get through the night all in one piece.

Michael and Tiffany Armstrong

Patrick said...

Praying for the three of you!

Missy said...

This is Trevor's other aunt - all have been in our thoughts and prayers as well. Your little boy has had a tough fight and has come so far...soon you will be bringing him home. Prayers being sent up for all of you. God is good! ~ Missy

kimsko said...

Praying before bed, and I'll be praying in the morning. Thanks for continuing to let us know what's going on so we know how to pray. Keep us updated tomorrow! Love to all three of you!

Lisa said...

I know you are crushed by this setback.

Keep the faith.

"The times when you have
seen only one set of footprints in the sand,
is when I carried you."

Praying for you all...

The Quinn's

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