Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Love for Lucca

Hey y'all. There will be an update on Ethan to come later but, right now, I need your help. We met an incredible family while we were at Duke and they're in the midst of a very tough situation.

Lucca was awaiting a thymus transplant (we're about 99.9% sure he was going to receive Ethan's thymus), but he got very sick a few weeks ago and the transplant was called off. Basically, his body began making T-cells but, because he has no thymus, they had nowhere to go to "learn" how to function properly. They began attacking his body and the last I heard was that he would need to be started on a round of chemo to kill these bad cells before he can have a transplant. Ethan's thymus has since expired, so now it's just a waiting game until another family decides to donate their child's.

I also just found out that a few days before we came home, Lucca coded. Thank God the ICU team was able to bring him back! I'm not up to date on all the details since then, but I did talk with Lucca's sweet mama, Heather, for a few minutes this afternoon. Evidently, she and her family are trying to get Lucca back home, but the insurance company is refusing to "help with the additional financial burden of $20,000 to get Lucca back to Idaho" (where they're from). Lucca has been in the hospital since he was born 5 months ago, so you can imagine what kind of medical bills they're already dealing with. To now have the burden of needing $20,000 more just to be able to bring their baby home seems ridiculous to me.

So, here's where you come in. I know so many of you have already given your hard-earned money towards Ethan's fund and, because of that, our medical bills have been able to be paid in full for this calendar year. I can't express the relief we feel knowing that! Would you be willing to donate $5, $10, $25 to Lucca so that his family can feel th
at same sense of relief?? There's an average of 200 people who look at this blog every single day, including myself. If each of us would be willing to make a donation, however big or small, to this precious family we could help them out tremendously. Head on over to Lucca's site, read his story, and if you feel so inclined, click on "How to Help". I'm sure Heather, and family, will appreciate it more than you'll know!

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Jessica Davis said...

Thank you for posting this and letting me find a way to help! My nephew has helped me learn what's more important in life and how priorities work (ex. buy yet ANOTHER pair of shoes that I'll probably hate, or donate some money to someone who absolutely needs it!) I have seen amazing blessings touch you and your family and I know how much it helped. I mean, EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS! It's so awesome. I feel much better knowing I helped anyone who needs it, whether it's a shoulder to cry on, or a scalp massage to relieve tension, or a donation. :) I love you and thank you for spreading the love. Lucca's so beautiful and you can't help but fall in love with him as soon as you see his picture! I just pray his family gets him home soon where he belongs!

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