Monday, May 11, 2009

Updates on Ethan

After typing out that last post, I realized that y'all would probably like to know how Ethan's doing! Aside from all the Mother's Day events, things have been somewhat uneventful with him, and we like it like that.

So, after all the drama surrounding that IV line, I'm here to report that we no longer have it. Mark that down as IV #247 that we've lost since being at Duke. His nurse noticed yesterday afternoon that it was no longer flushing (meaning, it was clogged) and she wasn't able to save it. So, out it came, along with another patch of hair. I'm beginning to wonder if we should just shave his whole head and start over?! The curls in the back keep me from doing anything so crazy, though! The worst part about losing the IV is that he was unable to get his last dose of antibiotics. However, they seemed to have done the trick as he hasn't had any more fevers and his white blood count is back to normal! Praise God!! His blood & urine cultures are also still negative.

Grandma B (my mama) spent the day with us today and Ethan enjoyed being held pretty much all morning. We spent most of the day waiting to go down to our new room, and finally made the move around 5:00 this afternoon!! We're now hanging out in step-down in room 5310, a luxurious corner suite one of the bigger rooms on the hall. We're not sure how long we'll be here, but I hope to have a better idea after rounds tomorrow morning.

Pray that things continue to go as well as they are. With no major mishaps, it's very likely we could be going to the "h word" sometime this week!!! We're SO ready, but we need to make sure Ethan is just as ready. We've learned not to rush him, so wait we will.

Until then, we'll be here...finally able to sleep with our baby again and cuddle any time we want! If you'd like to come visit, feel free. I especially wouldn't mind some visitors during the day while Jeramie's at work.

Thanks for praying us through these past 9 weeks. We can't wait to continually turn these prayers into praises!

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Janet Fuller said...

What wonderful news Joye. You sound and look so great. Content and happy with the blessings God have provided. God is so good, during the good times and bad, He knows what we need and cares for us. I am so thankful that you had such a wonderful Mother's Day. Me, Mom, and Bart talked about it here... about the excitement of this being your first. Congratulations!!!! We love keeping up with you, Jeramie, and Ethan through the blogs and pictures. What a blessed addition to our family. We love you all.

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