Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ethan's 1st Cast

Well, we did it. Actually, I guess we really didn't do anything, other than watch two very patient ladies put a cast the arm of our very mad baby. After consulting with the orthopedist about our most recent cardiology visit, we all decided to go ahead and start the casting process. If it turns out that his hand is ready for surgery and his heart is not, we'll have a plastic brace made that Ethan can wear while we wait for his heart to become stronger. In the meantime, we'll go back weekly to have his hand stretched a little more and re-casted.

I think it's safe to say that Ethan does NOT like this slab of plaster that resides from the tips of his fingers to his armpit. Yes, my friends, we have a FULL ARM cast. I have mixed feelings about it. I'm thankful that we have a treatment option, but I'm sad that he even NEEDS treatment. I feel like he was just starting to explore that hand, and now we've taken it away from him, in a way. I'm frustrated that he's frustrated. He woke up several times during his afternoon nap because he had rolled onto his back (he's a side sleeper) and couldn't pick up his arm to roll back over. I'm scared that this is going to cause him to be even more delayed in some areas, but yet I'm hopeful of the future it will give him. Basically, I'm a mess.

Will y'all pray for us? Pray that Ethan would be able to rest through the night and the coming days. Pray that he will figure out how to use what he's got, to his best ability. Pray that Jeramie and I would find peace with this decision. I know that we're doing the best we can to secure a successful future for our son; it's just so hard to fully believe that when he's so upset!

Anyway, enough of my emotional ramblings ... here are a few pictures of our day:

Ethan's hand before cast #1

Starting the casting process

"I am NOT happy!"

Protecting the ears while they saw down part of the cast

"Can we go home now??"

Hanging out with Grandma B

Finally got comfy ... sweet dreams.


Shannon Smith said...

That picture that looks like he is wearing headphones makes me laugh. I imagine him rocking out there.

Jenn said...

Bless his little heart! I bet he was so tuckered out after all that. I am so sorry that it was a hard day. But that baby does look adorable with his cheeks squished up by those headphones.

We will be praying for all of you. The right thing for your baby isn't always the easy thing, and have mercy, y'all have been doing the hard stuff since day one. Ethan is very blessed to have parents who love him so much and are taking such good care of him.

Chris Waluk said...

You have one cute kid. I love the earmuffs. Your pictures are misleading as Ethan looks quite comfortable in all but one of them. Hopefully he'll take to the cast in time. I know even as a teenager it took me a few days to get used to having one on my arm.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! Poor mommy and daddy! What a day all of you have had! I agree with the other comments, and it is heartwrenching to see our babies cry and upset and know that we are letting people do these things for them for their own sake. It used to kill me even to take my kids to the doctors for their shots. The look they would give me was like "Why mommy? Why do you let them do this to me?" Is is stressful to be a mommy? Is it worth every tear? ABSOLUTELY...wouldn't trade it for the world. --LOIS JOHNSON

Brandi Kelly said...

Oh, Joye, I know your heart was aching through this whole thing, w/ your baby obviously frustrated. That picture of him w/ the earmuffs is adorable!

Diana said...

I LOVE those cheeks!!!! And the picture of him with the headphones is priceless! Will be praying for all of you!

Jesse said...

We will be praying for you and Jeremie to find peace in your decision and for Ethan to grow into it. I love the picture with him and the teddy bear...how sweet! Love ya, Jesse & David

Dana Enzor said...

Awww, Sweet, Sweet Ethan. We are praying for you guys. I love seeing how much Ethan has grown and is encouraging. Cute pics lady...even his mad faces are cute. :)

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I know it is very very hard to see your little man in discomfort. But this is best for Ethan or the doctors would not recommend this treatment.

He is too adorable in that headset.

I hope he adjust very quickly to his 'slab of plaster'

Thank you for sharing the pictures with us.

It looks like Grandma B has him very comfy!

I love you guys!
Grandma A

Janet Fuller said...

Ethan is the cutest little guy. He always seems to have a precious smile. Though I know he did not like the 'procedure' he then has a smile and then off to sleep so peacefully. What an awesome God we serve. He has a plan for Ethan, and for you and Jeramie. I think it is so wonderful that you feel led to help others that are experiencing similar situations. I KNOW that God will open the doors for you. He only wants a willing vessel. He will take care of the rest and provide opportunity. Bless you all. Bart and I continue to lift all three of you up in our prayers, for healing, for strength, for knowing His presence each and every day through all situations. Love, Jan

Anonymous said...

Glad I was there to be a part of his first casting. It hurts to see him so mad and frustrated.He is a tough little guy,and Poppi named him right.RAMBO!I love you all so much.P.S. I found my note.

Grandma B

Sherry Reese said...

Awww, this post was on your linky tool as a suggested read, and I loved seeing precious Ethan as a baby! He was so beautiful. I hate what he's been through, but what an amazing little boy he has become!

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