Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rock Star

This kid:

is a stud.

Not only is he rockin' the knitted cap (he turned it sideways himself -- no joke), but he's had an awesome week so far!

He took a walk around the neighborhood with Grandma B & Aunt Jess yesterday, and did so well sitting up in his stroller.

He is consistently taking 2 naps a day, lasting about 2 hours each time (amen!)

He spends more and more time standing in his exersaucer, and playing with the toys.

How about the fact that he's holding a ball, with BOTH hands?!

Then, as if that weren't enough to convince you, he ate like a champ at feeding therapy today!

I couldn't help myself; I just had to brag ... and it's only Tuesday :)


Anonymous said...

Party on little Rock Star. We are all proud of you!


Kim Smith said...

Great job, Ethan! And I love the new layout of the blog, Joye! :)

Kendra B. said...

You should be proud...How cute?!

Anonymous said...

I love your new blog page Joye.

I agree, he is a rock star! He looks so cute in his hat.

I cannot wait to see him again.

Dana Enzor said...

Such an awesome pic!! I love that hat on him.

Glad he's doing so well with feeding therapy!

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