Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CHD Ribbons!!

I realize not everyone reads through the comments on each post, but I wanted to make sure this one didn't go unnoticed! My sister has spent some time creating A LOT of these:

Aren't they cute?!

Here is what she said in the comments of my previous post:

"To anyone who's interested, I've made some super cute little ribbons that pin onto your shirt that have little red hearts on them! I'll send them to you for free to show your support! Just e-mail me if you're interested!"

Thank you, Jessi! You are the best sister a girl could ask for, and the best aunt EVER!

Remember to wear red & blue on Sunday, November 29 and send pictures to:!!

1 comment:

Slatsette said...

Hello! I saw you all mentioned over at Funky Heart.
I have a daughter named Juliet who was born with TGA and have also been through (a small fraction of) what you've gone through. She's healthy as can be and happy now. Feel free to drop me a line over at any time!
Ethan is just so handsome! Those eyes!!!!! <3 The Slatosky Family

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