Monday, December 7, 2009

9 Months Later

Let's take a little picture walk....

9 days old
-6 days post open heart surgery
-2 days away from having a permanent pacemaker inserted

9 weeks old
-Mother's Day 2009
-2.5 weeks post full cardiac and pulmonary arrest
-recovering from the Nissen/G-tube surgery
-4 days away from going HOME

9 months old
-caught mid-clap
-wearing an outfit of Brayden's (thanks, Mandy!), post diaper blow-out
-smiley, happy, and playful

Happy 9 months, Ethan! We love you more and more every day.


Meg Guenther said...

That is one mighty resilient boy with one mighty great mama. How lucky both of you are to have each other. I think that might be one of your best posts ever.

Elizabeth Williamson said...

I know you are a wonderful teacher, but this is your true calling without a doubt. You and little Ethan are inspiring. I haven't read a blog without chills or tears and they make me just want to hold my girls forever. I love and miss you girl.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joye,
My smile kept getting bigger after reading each paragraph and seeing each picture. It is hard to believe how much all of you have gone through and made it with such grace, love and strength.
Maybe we he turns 9 he will ask you to remove the note about the 'blow out'! Until then, celebrate the amazing miracle you hold in your hands each day!
With Love,

Jeanette said...

how time fies, huh? love that middle pic- so sweet and of course that last one, looks like he's having tons of fun!

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