Monday, February 8, 2010

11 Months Later

Official Duke fan

Looks like we need a bigger hat!

The closer Ethan gets to being a year old, the more speechless I feel. This truly is a ride that never stops, as made evident by our hospital stay this past weekend (more to come on that later). But whether we're in the midst of good, bad, or scary times I am thankful for how far my amazing little boy has come. There just aren't words for it.

At 11 months old, Ethan is:
-scooting across the floor on his bottom, reminding me of the need to start baby-proofing!
-spending more and more time on his tummy, especially when sleeping
-standing, unassisted, for a few seconds at a time
-going from lying down to sitting up
-clapping his hands
-waving "hi" and "bye"
-making lots of sounds (mama, dada, papa, baabaa, tata, sss, wawa, and various combinations of those!)
-eating Ritz crackers, and exploring various other foods
-drinking small amounts of water from an open cup
-extremely ticklish
-thinning out (he last weighed in at 25 pounds)
-looking more and more like his Daddy

I am in awe, and so in love.

Happy 11 months, Ethan. We love you.

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