Saturday, February 27, 2010

This is just getting comical...

Yesterday afternoon I posted this to my Twitter page:
I'm afraid to think about my awesome weekend plans, for fear they'll be ruined by a trip to the after hours pediatrician.
I should have known better. I should have just kept my big mouth shut. We had (still have) big plans for this weekend. Thankfully, the next update didn't (hasn't) interfered with them too much.
Ethan & I just got home from the after hours pediatrician. Yes, I'm serious.
I didn't even cry when I walked into Ethan's room this morning and found his blankets and body parts covered in blood. When I got a little closer and noticed he had chewed off his finger bandage, as well as the skin on said finger, I didn't even really freak out. In fact, I made some sick joke to myself about him looking a little bit like Edward.

Jeramie and I decided that I would take him to the after hours pediatrician while he stayed home to finish installing our new kitchen floors with our good friend, Nate; it looked as if Ethan needed stitches, and I was worried about it being (getting) infected. Neither of those ended up being true, but the nurse was able to get it cleaned up and re-wrapped. He's now sporting one of those metal finger brace things, thank to my mama's good thinking. I'm not sure why none of us thought of that before now. The doctor did proactively prescribe an antibiotic because the wound is so "high risk" for infection.

On the way home I just had to chuckle. I also had a stern talking to with my little finger eating monster about our plans for next Saturday. Lord willing, it will NOT involve an ER, urgent care, or doctor of any sort ...unless, of course, they plan to come to us in order to celebrate the miracle of his 1st year.

Now, THAT, will be a weekend to remember!


Taylor Barbour said...

Looking forward to celebrating that birthday and many more. See you all soon.

Jen said...

Oh no! Poor Ethan! Glad you got it taken care of so Ethan can celebrate his birthday next weekend! What a miracle you are celebrating! We'll be praying Ethan stays out of the doctor's office! :)

Heart Hugs!
Jen, Craig & Andrew

Stefenie said...

What a little stinker! Gosh!! I am so sorry that you are having to deal with that. I am sure it is at times so stressful for you!

Saying many prayers that the little "chewer" takes a break so you can enjoy a nice weekend!

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

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