Friday, April 16, 2010

A Couponing First

I have so many friends who are into "couponing", and they are serious about it! I've longed for the day that life would slow down a little, and I could get organized enough to do it myself. I mean, I typically go into Target or the grocery store with a couple of coupons in hand, but nothing like some of these ladies (and guys!) do.

So, imagine my excitement when I went to Harris Teeter today and bought this:

...and only spent $10.36!! There it is, folks. My first "look-at-what-I-bought-for-a-little-bit-of-money" photo. I saved $24 and spent $10. That's what I'm talking about! I plan to go back for the next few days while the sale is still running. By Tuesday, I will have lost about $42, but will have 12 packs of diapers to show for it.

I am pumped! The spark has officially been ignited. Bring it on.

*Oh, and HUGE props to Meg the Magnificent for bringing this incredible deal to my attention!* Go check out Money Saving Mom to take advantage of it yourself.


Mandy said...

Did you get my email about the Pampers coupon and them being real cheap coming up in April?

Derek said...

Love it! I keep thinking about couponing but just for food, nothing baby related, I've just been to lazy to get started.

Aaron and Allyson said...

Awesome Joye!!! Don't you love it!!! Congrats on your purchase!

Dana Enzor said...

Yay!! I love hearing about anyone saving money with coupons!! It makes you think twice about spending over 50% retail price on anything! You realize just where all your money is going, and you realize you really can get a lot for even as little as $1.

Love it, love it, love it!!!

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