Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend 2010

Easter 2009 - Ethan was 1 month old, sporting a scalp IV, which we lovingly called his "Easter hat".

We had an excellent weekend, celebrating Ethan's 1st Easter at home! This time last year we were battling IVs and making a home for ourselves at Duke. Ethan's "Auntie Tara" had given him the cutest Easter outfit, and we were so disappointed that he couldn't wear it, thanks to all of the tubes, wires, and lovely medicine cap on top of his head. It was hard to focus on the true meaning of Easter, and I allowed myself to wallow in self pity instead.

This year, the idea of a resurrection is more real to me than it's ever been. The magnitude of what Christ did for us, so that we can live the life we live, is enough to shake me to the core. The thought of Him rising, and us one day joining Him, is comforting this year.

When I stand in that place,
free at last, meeting face to face
I am yours, Jesus you are mine
Endless joy, perfect peace
Earthly pain finally will cease.
Celebrate, Jesus is alive!

Thank you, Lord, for the resurrection of your Son, and mine.


Ethan decided that, in his true fashion, no exciting fun-filled weekend would be complete without a trip to an urgent care. We were driving down I-40 on the way to visit Jeramie's parents when I glanced back to check on him. I was shocked to see that he had managed to get the splint AND bandages off of his finger and proceeded to chew it to a bloody pulp. ARGH! Jeramie pulled over and we re-wrapped it as best we could. Needless to say, we drove straight to an urgent care in Mebane, who just so happened to be open on Good Friday!

The doctor thought everything looked OK and instructed us to leave it open to air for a bit so it can begin to scab over. We made it through the weekend without any other incidents, thankfully, and now we're more than anxious to get this problem fixed!!

After that small detour, we enjoyed spending the rest of the evening with Jeramie's family. We grilled out, relaxed on the couch, and Ethan even got in a little Harley time with PawPaw!


Saturday afternoon, we headed out to to the DBAP with some friends for Ethan's 1st Durham Bulls baseball game. We were SO excited to take him! Partly because it would be our first real outing, with a real crowd of people, as a family, for the first time since the fall. But also because there's just something fun about taking a little boy to his first baseball game. Ethan really enjoyed all the people-watching, and he and Jeramie made it onto the big screen during the 7th inning stretch! We couldn't have asked for better weather, or better company, and we're looking forward to many more games this season!


Sunday didn't exactly go as planned. Along with the baseball game, we were also very excited about going to church, as a family, for the first time in months. Well, wouldn't you know that Ethan woke up Easter morning with a snotty nose, red eyes, and sneezing all over the place. We thought it would be best to keep him out the nursery one more week, and we'll hopefully try again next week.

We ended up making the best of it, though, and went to lunch at Cracker Barrel with some good friends of ours. We left feeling very full, emotionally and physically. Thanks, John & Dana, for spending your Easter with us!


It was a great weekend, indeed. An empty cross and an empty grave ... oh, happy day!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family, and I'm so blessed to call you mine. I love all of you so much. Grandma B

Dana Enzor said...

Thanks Tri-Mulli, for spending your Easter Day with us! I swear that boy is growing like crazy, and we always love hanging out with you guys. love love love it.

Stefenie said... naughty little boy. My goodness there is never a dull moment with you. Poor guy....and Momma! {{{HUG}}}

Glad that you were able to enjoy the weekend in spite of everything else Ethan was trying to throw at you.

Anonymous said...

It was an awesome weekend and I am so thankful that we got to spend some time with the Tri-Mulli.

I love all the pictures you posted to Flikr, especially the ones of Ethan in his jeans. He looks like such a big boy!!

Love Granmda A.

Jennifer said...

We would LOVE to have you join our team!! If you want to join us, try to let me know today or tomorrow...we are making T-shirts for the team (nothing fancy), but I need to order them today or tomorrow to get them here & make them.

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