Thursday, April 22, 2010

Surgery Update

The surgeon came out around 6:30 this evening to tell us that all went well with the surgery. Actually, I'll go as far to say that it went better than "well".

In a nutshell, he found that the median nerve had been lacerated, and needed to be grafted back together. This was "worst case", but he was able to repair it with "best case" results. He said the nerve he used to make the repair was a close-to-perfect match. The prognosis for feeling to return to his hand/fingers is excellent and will actually take a few months, not weeks, to happen.

The best news of all came when he told us that the infection in Ethan's finger was not nearly as bad as they had suspected! He only needed to amputate the very tip of the finger, leaving the majority of the length. I broke down when he told us that, he acknowledged that it had been a very long, emotional day, and even teared up a little himself. It was a beautiful moment.

Once we were able to go back and see Ethan, I was happy to see that he was resting comfortably and didn't seem to be as aggravated as he had been in the past. We were moved back to our room on the floor about an hour later, and we've been here ever since. Ethan has slept the majority of the evening and our biggest challenge has been keeping him comfortable.

His left arm is wrapped in a dressing (about 5 times the size of his arm), he has 2 IV lines (one in his foot, one in his hand), and a PICC line that was placed while he was still sedated in the OR. The good news is that the team has lots of access points, but the bad news is that it makes it difficult for him to get comfy in the crib.

We are feeling your prayers, for sure! Honestly, I was shocked that the surgery went so well, then I felt guilty for doubting God's power. Your prayers are being heard, and Ethan's recovery so far is proof of that.

Here are a few specific things you can be praying for tonight/tomorrow: our ability to get some quality rest this evening, that any and all infection will stay away, and that the IV & PICC lines will stay put.

We've been told that we'll be here at least 5-7 days, so you can also be praying that Jeramie and I will remain patient with each other and make the best of these tiny rooms that we hate, yet love.


Jen said...

Hi Joye,

I'm just getting caught up on blogs- wow! I didn't know Ethan was having surgery! I am so glad things went well and will continue to pray for rest, no infection and lines to stay put! :)

Thanks for your message on our blog regarding Andrew's hearing. I was a little bummed that it didn't improve, yet deep down I knew it wouldn't. I would love to see the handouts or advice you have! :) You can email me. Thanks, Joye!

Jen, Craig & Andrew

Crystal in IL said...

Ever so thankful that the surgery was a success! I will continue to pray for healing and rest for Ethan, Mommy and Daddy too :)

Stefenie said...

I am just finally getting the chance to read this whole update. I just caught the first few lines yesterday seeing that he was out and doing well.

It is wonderful to hear that the infection isn't as bad and that they didn't have to amputate much of his finger. What a blessing for you guys!

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