Sunday, September 19, 2010

Here and there

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers during such an excruciating week. Going home for Michael's services was even more difficult than I thought it would be, and that's saying a lot. I knew it would feel like someone had sucked the air out of my lungs or given me a swift punch to the gut, but the intensity of those feelings was unreal.

To my girls who stood by me, held my hand, and allowed me to experience those emotions without shame ... thank you. I couldn't have kissed his forehead and said my good-byes without you there by my side.

(...minus Christie & Ashley!)

I can't even fathom the pain that Michael's family, especially his mom, is feeling right now. The mourning cry of a mother is unlike any other human sound. It has escaped my lips once and I pray it stays deep down in my soul for a long, long time. Please continue to be in prayer for Michael's parents, sister, and all of his family and friends who have been so deeply affected by his death.

(Spring 2004 -- My sister's high school graduation)

I guess you could say I'm doing OK. It hits me at random times throughout the day that he's really gone, and it hurts. I came across his name in my phone earlier today and did everything I could to hold back the tears. I've had some really good talks in the past few days, and that has helped tremendously. I am fully aware that this isn't going to get easier overnight, or maybe even anytime soon, for that matter. I do look forward to the day when I can think about Michael and not cry, but smile instead.

I'm not there yet.


We could also use some prayers here in the Mullis household. Ethan has developed a nasty cold over the past few days and isn't really acting himself. He has periods of high energy where he acts completely fine, but then turns into a whiny, clingy little boy justlikethat. He had a hard time going to sleep tonight, and I think I felt the start of some rattling in his chest.

I'm praying like mad that God would protect his lungs and dry up this gunk in his nose. Surgery is just around the corner (9 days, to be exact), and he needs to be in tip-top shape! Would you say some prayers for Ethan this week, too?


The Triangle Heart Walk is just one week away and "Team Ethan" only needs $683 to reach our goal of $2,000! We are the top fundraising community team for the Triangle, and we're holding our own among all the company teams, as well ... way to go!!

I am personally $30 short of my goal and would love for one of you lovely readers to push me over the edge! A generous off-line donation just helped me surpass my goal; thank you!! Even still, if you haven't already made a donation, please consider doing so today


Thanks for checking in. I appreciate your love, prayers, and comments so, so much!


Jen said...


Still praying for you, Michael's family and Ethan, too. What is his surgery...did I miss something??


Christie said...

I wish I could take some of your pain away... After I got over the initial shock of what Heather was telling me you immediately came to my mind... I dreaded calling you and my heart broke as I had to tell you... I know that Michael had a special place in his heart for you! I could not imagine what Ms. Joanne is going through... and hope that I never have to... I don't think there could ever be anything more difficult than losing a child... I pray that day by day, week by week, and month by month it gets easier for her and you both! You are amazing and I miss you being here... I will be praying Ethan's ickiness will go away... when you come home again we need to have a playdate! love ya!

Stefenie said...

Praying for all of you Joye!!

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