Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's going on?

Hey friends.

I apologize for being quite the blog-slacker lately. There has been so much going on in the world of mended hearts recently, that I've taken a step back and focused on praying for and encouraging families who are either just starting out on this journey, or who have hit some hard bumps along the way. Everyday, I am incredibly thankful for Ethan's current health. So many of these families remind me of my own, and I remember how important it was for me to feel encouraged and lifted up during those critical times. I hope and pray that Ethan's story can continue to offer hope, even in the midst of the darkest times.

Praying for Baby Ewan Button

I would love it if y'all would join me in praying for Baby Ewan who will be entering this world in just a few weeks. Also, continue to remember Ella and Joshua as they are recovering from their first heart surgeries, and Jay who is being quite the rock star over at CHOP!

But, to answer my question, there is, and has been, a whole lot going on with the Tri Mulli...

• Ethan and I are still working on finding our groove with the whole stay-at-home-mama thing. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it, but I find that my days are either completely busy or completely boring. I'm hoping to nail down some sort of "schedule" that will keep me productive, and make sure we're both entertained.

• There is one thing I'll be able to remove from Ethan's weekly schedule, however, and that is feeding therapy!

Yes. You read that correctly.

As of today, Ethan will see his feeding therapist once a month, on a "check-in" basis. She is thrilled with the progress he has made in the past two weeks and says that his feeding and eating skills are age-appropriate. When I asked if she ever thought those words would come out of her mouth, she smiled and said, "I knew they would."

Our goal now is to fatten Ethan up a bit. Since we've completely stopped using the g-tube, he hasn't gained any weight at all; in fact, he's even lost a few ounces. Obviously, we'd like the scales to be going in the other direction, so our homework for the next month is to create a high calorie/high fat diet for him. I have some great resources and I'm pretty excited about experimenting with some new foods!

I'm not gonna lie, though. Ethan's weight loss has created a bit of anxiety in me. He has check-ups with the cardiologist and the pediatrician next week, and I'm getting all worked up about what they'll have to say. I always have knots in my stomach leading up to his cardio visits, but now they feel extra twisted. I keep reminding myself of this post by a dear friend, and fellow heart mom. Jenn's thoughts have really stuck with me, and I plan to read them over and over and over. Y'all can say some prayers for me as I remind myself to be anxious for nothing in the coming days.

• We will close on our refinance next week, and I will be so happy when this is over with! I am thrilled that we got a great interest rate, won't have to pay a mortgage payment for two months, and will be getting our escrow balance refunded to us, but man oh man. It was such a headache waiting for all of that to happen. I really don't think buying our house originally was this stressful. I guess that's what increased knowledge and lack of money will do to you, though. God's blessings and provisions have been crystal clear through this whole process, and I am thankful for the way He watches over me and my family.

• Jeramie just celebrated his 30th birthday, and we had a great time hanging out with family and friends for his birthday festivities!

• And, last but certainly not least, Jeramie, Ethan, and I will be having dinner with my angel on Friday night! I can't wait to introduce him to Ethan (and Jeramie, too), but to especially see if Ethan has any reaction to Troy's similar anatomy. Just yesterday, I noticed Ethan noticing the scar on his left arm. The time is coming when we're going to have to start explaining this stuff to him. I already pray that God will give us the words when that time comes, and I thank Him for placing people in our path who may make those words a little easier to explain.

If you made it this far, way to go and thanks for checking in! I'll be sure to update again after Ethan's appointments next week ... you can be praying for calmed nerves and a cooperative patient!

Hope y'all have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!


Jenn said...

Uuummm, OHMYGOSH about the feeding therapy. Joye, that is awesome. I know y'all are just thrilled. Do you think maybe his body just needs to adjust to being off the tube? I will be praying that his little boy appetite kicks in soon, and for all of you as you head to those appointments. And I can't wait to hear how Ethan does with meeting your "angel." Tell the Mr. we said happy birthday!

kirsten michelle said...

Congrats on the progress with the feeding therapy!! I hope the experimentation with diet goes well and that he continues to pack on the pounds.

Thanks for the shout-out here. I'm always humbled and blessed when others help us like that. :o)


Jen said...

Not sure if you'll get my reply- I responded to your comment on my blog but I'm not sure if the Disqus comments email you the response or not! Lol! I haven't totally figured it out yet. Anyway, if you don't get it, go back to my blog and I posted it under your comment. Thanks! :)

Ethan is sooooo cute! I love that we have the same taste in clothes! :P Boys clothes are so cute these days, aren't they? Lol.


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