Thursday, October 28, 2010

Old McDonald, Ethan style

Do y'all remember Ethan's singing debut back in April?

(If you haven't seen this before, you really should watch it. It's sure to make you smile, maybe even laugh!)

Ethan Singing from Joye Mullis on Vimeo.

Well, it appears we have a musical child on our hands. If Ethan hears music, he dances. If he can figure out a way to cause something to make noise, he will. He plucks Jeramie's guitar until his fingers are red, and he can spot an egg shaker from a mile away.

*Side note: To the person who gave Ethan the Elmo CD player, I love you with all my heart. But, one day, I hope you find yourself locked in a room with toddler toys that do not have an off/off switch, or volume control. I digress.

Back to the singing. Jeramie has recently been singing "Old McDonald" with Ethan at bedtime. He (Ethan) is totally into animal sounds right now, so it's perfect! Until this morning, this seemed to be solely an Ethan/Daddy activity, but he let me in on the fun after breakfast.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


mossfamily said...

Adorable! And i personally know that he can sing more to that song. He was holding out on you, mom! He is so precious! I also enjoyed the first video. And i giggled... a LOT!

Carolina Carters said...

SO adorable! That's a favorite around here too. :)

Don't you love that they point out all of the dirty stuff? Ha!

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