Friday, October 22, 2010

Quick Update

So, I just had a rather lengthy conversation with Ethan's cardiologist. Before I go any further, I just want to express my sheer appreciation and gratitude for that man's skill, knowledge, and compassion. Two years ago, I had a very vague idea of what a pediatric cardiologist even was; today, he is one of my favorite people. Dr. I, if you ever read here, know you are loved and appreciated by the Tri Mulli!

Everyone seems to have their panties in a wad about Ethan's sudden drop in weight. We all have our reasons as to why it's happening, with the most logical being that when you take away tube feeds and add in high activity, it's going to equal a "leveling out" of sorts. However, with a kid like Ethan, things can't be that simple. It always seems that there needs to be a bigger, more dramatic explanation. Dr. I was ready to bring us back into clinic to perform another echo, just to make sure he wasn't missing anything. The idea is that if Ethan's heart is sicker than we realize, it could be eating up all the calories he is taking in, thus not allowing him to grow like he should. But, after re-scanning the last echo from September, Dr. I decided that wouldn't be necessary. He affirmed that Ethan's heart looks great and there's nothing, from a cardiac standpoint, that could explain the drop in weight.

So, then what?

The new plan is to take him into clinic next week, anyway, to check his weight and have some blood drawn. Dr. I is going to order a metabolic panel and check Ethan's CRP level. This will give us an idea of anything else that may be going on. I'll keep doing what I do ... did y'all know that those frozen packaged burritos have 300 calories in them?! ...and hopefully, Ethan will continue to eat as well as he has been.

I'll be sure to update once we have some results! Thanks for praying us through this crazy, roller-coaster ride. Y'all do remember that I hate roller-coasters, right?!


Dana Enzor said...

After last night's fair trip, I do remember that you hate roller-coasters! :)

On the note of eating tons of food and not gaining weight - I'm hoping he has the "high metabolism" gift and that there is nothing wrong will little E - just tons of energy - which is a very Happy thing for the little heart miracle man! :)

Hope's Blog said...

Hope's weight gain (as slow as it was before) is even slower now that she is on Pediasure, table food, and moving around like crazy. Her cardiologist is of the same belief...she is growing and will level out for a little bit.

I will keep Ethan in my thoughts and prayers for some weight gain or at least good news with the blood work.

Life with Kaishon said...

I just saw your comment at Enjoying the Small things. I am so glad I came over to meet your adorable son! I will pray for him this morning. Pray that everything goes well at the clinic this week! He is a cutie!

Stefenie said...

I know it is so frustrating when they "pass the buck"...not that that is what Dr. I was doing but during the process of elimination it does get ruled out and then passed along to someone else to figure out. Praying for you and hopefully it is just normal busy boy lack of weight gain.

Carolina Carters said...

Hoping that the weight issues are just from being a busy little guy!

I've been meaning to thank your for the Tommie Tippy cup suggestion...can you say FANTASTIC?! You were so right! Love 'em! :) Thanks!!

I'll have to check out those burritos...D could use those too!

Praying for Ethan!

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