Friday, December 10, 2010


Happy Friday, y'all!

By this time tomorrow, I will have been on plane for about eight hours and will have landed clear across the country. I will have picked up a rental car and will be driving the streets of Portland with this girl:

I cannot believe it has been four months since I've seen my sister. Sure, we've Skyped and talked on the phone multiple times a day, but there's not going to be anything quite like a big ole sisterly hug! ...Jess, get ready!!!

I am getting a little anxious about the flight in general. This will be my 4th time flying, and the first time I've flown by myself. Even though I'm terrified of heights, I made sure to get a window seat; something about being able to look out makes me feel a little better. I have no idea what landmarks we'll fly over, but I'm hoping to see some pretty cool sights while I'm up there!

Ethan and I still have our colds, and I'm not terribly excited about leaving him, but I know he'll be in good hands. Per his pediatrician's orders, we started him on breathing treatments yesterday afternoon to help break up some of his gunk. I really hope that he'll be feeling 100% by the time Jeramie takes him down to my parents' house.

I just read an update on baby Mason, and it really made me think (read: began to instill lots of fear) about how much can change in just 24 hours. Please be in prayer for this precious little boy and his family as they are facing some dark and scary days!

That's all for now. Unless we hit some WiFi hot spots, I'll be without internet for the next four days, and I'm actually a little excited about that! Please be in prayer for safe travels (in air and on land), for Ethan and I to shake this sickness, and for sweet baby Mason.

Oh, and remember I'll be three hours behind you East Coast friends! Don't wake me up early in the morning, and I won't wake you up late at night. Deal?


Dana Enzor said...

Oh I didn't even think about calling and waking you up...why did you have to tempt me? Now that's all I'm going to think about doing while you're away.

Mandy said...

So excited for you Joye! Enjoy your time away!!!

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