Friday, January 14, 2011


A Week in the Life of Ethan

Written by: Granny, as Ethan

I am a total non-stop ball of energy. There is no cabinet I have not opened, even now the upper pantry doors. No appliance I haven't kissed or opened ... no knobs I haven't turned. I even found out I could remove the drain plug from the chest freezer. I can even open that now, too.

There is no chair I can't pull away from the table, and I can even climb on top of said table. One night, I got the honey pot and had a ball before Ninny (Granny) found me. Boy, do I love honey! I have turned Poppy and Ninny's bed into my very own trampoline and Poppy's back makes a very good diving board. I can climb on any couch, chair, and coffee table. And, I can jump, roll, or fall off all of the above. I even can get in the tub with my clothes on!

I had my first taste of snow cream and found out I love popcorn (and I didn't choke eating it)! I hope I gained a few ounces as my Ninny sure fed me good. I got to see my Aunt Bubbie because she came home on Sunday night! She even gave me a haircut.

I am so glad the snow came and got me stranded at Poppy and Ninny's, but I sure do miss my Mommy and Daddy! I have had a very busy week at Ninny's and now I will think of all the things I can get into next time.

And, we won't even talk about the sewing room ... yet!


Jen Foster said...

LOVE IT!! Ethan is quite the writer, and certainly an adventurous little toddler. Sounds like he had a blast!

Anonymous said...

how sweet. I known Granny and Poppy enjoyed being snowed in with Ethan. I could not imagine a better way to be entertained while being snowed in!

Love always
Grandma A.

Gilda said...

Hee..yes the life of a toddler. Sounds like Ethan had quite a week of fun at his granny and poppy's house:)

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