Wednesday, May 4, 2011

g-tube, where art thou?

I got the call from Duke this afternoon, confirming our check-in time for tomorrow. We are to report there at 9:00 in the morning, which makes us second case. To add to my list of requests from earlier in the week, would you also pray that Ethan does well with the waiting? For all umpteen of his surgeries/procedures, he's always been first case. This has been a huge blessing, as we've never had to fight the hunger beast for very long on surgery day. It is also a blessing, I guess, that I have to remind him that it's time to eat on most mornings. I pray that he'll be easily distracted by the bag of goodies (non-edible, of course) I plan to pack, and that the cath will start soon after we check-in. A girl can hope, right?

The sweet lady on the phone today also asked that we get 24-32 ounces of clear liquids in his system between this evening and 6:30 tomorrow morning. Maybe Ethan just isn't a big drinker, but doesn't that sound like a lot?? She must have heard the surprise in my voice as I asked, "really?" and followed up with, "well, doesn't he still have the G-tube?"

As y'all know, the answer to that question is a big, fat NOPE.

I do believe this is the first time, since his G-tube came out, that I can say I miss it. I miss the convenience that came along with giving him fluids in the middle of the night, without waking him up. I miss the comfort of knowing we can push a small bolus of something after surgery to tie him over until a real "meal". The snacks I have packed for him could feed a small army. Will he want pretzels, or goldfish? Cookies? Mandarin oranges? Peanut butter crackers, or granola bars? Rest assured, whatever his hoarse little voice asks for, Mama will provide!

I'm ready to get past this small bump in our road, and I feel peaceful about whatever we may find out tomorrow. I'm sure I'll post small updates on Facebook throughout the day, and I'll be sure to post a re-cap here on the blog by the day's end.

Thank you for your prayers up to this point, and for the ones I know you'll continue to pray. Y'all are great!

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Stefenie said...

Thinking of you guys and sending up prayers for a smooth cath...and of course GOOD news! Keep us posted!

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