Friday, May 6, 2011


Man. Is God good, or what?

We are home and, other than being a little tired and cranky, we're doing well! I think it's safe to say all three of us are looking forward to some uninterrupted rest tonight.

Dr. R (yep, Kelly ... that Dr. R!) came in after the echo to share the results with us. The grin that was spread wide across his face was all I needed. Although, it didn't hurt to hear that the pressure gradient now measures around FORTY. 40! Forty, forty, forty!!!

Forty never sounded so good!

Before the echo, he came by to take a listen to Ethan's heart. Jeramie and I had noticed throughout the evening last night that the thrill (vibration in his chest wall) was gone, and we shared that observation with Dr. R. He agreed and said that Ethan's heart sounded even better than it did when he left the cath lab yesterday afternoon.

Y'all, that can't be explained by anything other than a God who is mighty to save even the tiniest of hearts. I praise Him for putting people, like Dr. R, in our path to be His hands here on Earth. To witness that level of intervention and healing is mind-blowing.

I struggle to find the right words to express my thanks; whether that's to Dr. R and his team, or to y'all for praying so fervently for our sweet boy. In any case, the glory is God's, and I hope He appreciates the simplest of thank-yous.


Jenn said...

I heart Dr. R. Heck, I heart the whole cath lab team. I am so happy for you guys. God really is good.

Tara said...

Praise God!! Yay for the pressures being down and staying there! Glad you guys are home :) hugs!

Mandy said...

God is Good! So glad everything went smoothly and you left the hospital quickly! love ya

The Smith's said...

God is good indeed!!! What an awesome post.

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