Wednesday, May 18, 2011

wordless wednesday - the wordy edition

Hey y'all; happy Hump Day. I hope everyone's having a great week and surviving allergy season. I have never been one to be affected by allergies, but something is giving my ears a fit the past couple of days!

We've had some periods of rain lately, too, and that has been nice. Of course, I say that as someone who enjoys cozy, rainy afternoons and not as someone who is having repairs done on their house as a result of our recent tornado. There is still so much evidence of damage around the city, and there are so many people who have lost absolutely everything. It's heartbreaking. I've been wanting to clean out some of Ethan's toys for a while now, but didn't have any motivation for where to take them. Then, I got an e-mail from a friend who knows of a family in need of EVERYthing. Toys they've asked for (among other things), so toys they will receive! It feels good to purge, but to purge knowing it's going to a family in need feels even better.

One recent, rainy afternoon Jeramie and I decided to take a family trip to the mall. It started to downpour right before we left the house and I snapped a picture of Ethan looking out at the rain.

Of course, I had to take another one of him in his spiffy new raincoat once we were outside.

Last night, Jeramie was looking at the pictures I took and said, "Wow. Remember that picture we took of him standing at the window last year? Remember how little he looked?"

I knew exactly which picture he was talking about and directed him to the correct folder. A few minutes later he said, "Check this out" ...

So much has changed in just 13 months. Our carpet has been ripped up, the walls are a different color, and we finally hung curtains! But, forget about the house. My baby is not a baby anymore, and that picture most certainly proves it!

There is so much more strength in the way he's standing, his hair has grown in like a little boy's, and he's a good 3 inches taller. It's hard to believe all the energy I wasted on worrying if the Ethan from one year ago would become the Ethan of today.

I read a quote on Facebook a while back that said something along the lines of: we spend so much time wondering what our child will become tomorrow, that we forget they are a person today. That has stuck with me ever since and has really helped me to see Ethan for who he is right now, in all of his rambunctious two-year old glory.

I am thankful for photos like those that help me to refocus my Mommy brain! Now, for a little more of what you really came here to see...

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Anonymous said...

Did I tell you how much I love wordless Wednesday, with words and all!

He certainly is growing up and the visual of the window picture certainly tells the story!

Love you guys, Grandma A.

Carolina Carters said...

That boy is just too precious!! :) I love the comparison photos of him standing at the window. So sweet and a great reminder! :)

Stefenie said...

Love the quote and I love, love, LOVE the new pics of Ethan! The one of him and the water table just makes me SMILE!!!

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