Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I'm in a bit of a blogging stand-still right now. When I sit down to write something, I feel like it needs to be all profound-like, or it should document some huge medical drama. Since I haven't been feeling very Thoreau-ish lately, and all's quiet on the Ethan front, I thought I would insert a little bit of randomness here on the bloggy blog.

I found this when I was cleaning out some things on Facebook this afternoon. It was one of those "25 Random Things About You" surveys that I filled out sometime during my pregnancy (about 2 1/2 years ago). I'll leave numbers 8, 16, and 21 as is, but let's be clear; there is NOT another Mullis baby on the horizon!

... yet.


1. In 1st grade, my teacher refused to call me by any name other than my first (Kristina).

2. Kristina is no longer my first name; I dropped it after I got married. I am legally "Joye Davis Mullis".

3. I am fluent in sign language.

4. Sometimes, when I'm walking, I'll fingerspell random words that pop into my head.

5. I get nervous when I sign with deaf adults.

6. When I was 7, I put my wrist through a glass window and sliced it open. Now, when people see my scar, they want to know if I tried to kill myself.

7. I only have 1 sibling, a sister, and she is the BEST!

8. My husband and I are expecting a little girl in 6 weeks, but also preparing for a boy! ...it's a long story.

9. I have a weakness for anything chocolate.

10. I was the salutatorian of my high school senior class.

11. I don't like seeing misspelled words in print, so I just Googled "salutatorian" to make sure I spelled it correctly.

12. I lost the spelling bee in 5th grade because I spelled "radio" wrong.

13. I love dogs, but I don't think I'm made to own one.

14. I've never traveled out of the country.

15. I am a beach girl at heart, but being around any body of water will do!

16. The whole pregnancy process has been a HUGE faith-builder for me.

17. The 4 (um, 4 1/2) years I spent in college were some of the most fun years of my life.

18. My college roommates are still my best friends.

19. I had surgery in high school to remove an extra bone from my foot.

20. I would love to be an audiologist or speech therapist one day, but I don't think I'm motivated enough to do it.

21. Sometimes I laugh out loud when I watch my baby move around inside my belly.

22. When I was little, I had to have my back scratched every night before bed ... and I still do even now.

23. I do not like to cook. Thankfully, I have a husband who doesn't mind it!

24. I had my tonsils removed 10 days before my college graduation.

25. I've lived in North Carolina my entire life.


What's one random fact I may not know about you??


daniel, alinna, and ruby. said...

i like this!

1. i didn't make it into the 5th grade spelling bee bc i misspelled "volcano". i can remember just where i was standing and everything about the moment like it was yesterday.
2. i think it's SO awesome that you're fluent in sign language. it's been an underlying, often remembered, dream of mine to learn it as well and be a translator. i think i would love it.

fun, stuff. glad there is nothing dramatic or profound that you need to be writing about right now. i think that's a blessing for sure!


mossfamily said...

One random thing you may not know about me? Hmmmmm.... well, I would love to be an OT but I don't think I am motivated enough to do it either. School again? Really??? I don't know about that. Even if it is just a couple more years! Reading this list just confirmed how much you & I have in common! It is crazy!

Shannon Smith said...

I never filled out one of these things. However, even as the fad faded, I thought of things that I would write if I were to write 25 "random" things about me. Here's the one that comes to mind...

I like steps with odd numbers of steps. I prefer to be able to take one step for the first step. Then, two for everyone after that. I've tried to take two from the get-go, but it just doesn't work for me.

Also, I lost out in the 1st grade spelling bee on "from". I spelled "form" three times. I remember them asking "Are you sure?" and me saying with confidence, "Yes. It's F-O-R-M. From." Idiot.

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