Tuesday, June 28, 2011

just for fun

(P.S. - I don't take any credit for this boy's knowledge of letter sounds ... Leap Frog laptop, all the way!)


Meg Guenther said...

Dear Mensa,

I know a boy and you have just GOT to meet him!

Love, Lily.

Tara said...

WOW JOYE! He is SO smart! He talks soo well too! such a cute video :). Think you have a very bright and handsome young man on your hands!!

Carolina Carters said...

That is adorable and awesome! Ethan is so stinkin' cute, omg! And smart!

Leap Frog rocks! Derrick has this thing that goes on the fridge and one day he started singing the alphabet song. We were both shocked! Leap Frog all the way! :)

Anonymous said...

He is smart, between Leap Frog and the time you spend teaching this little man, he has a very very bright future.

His favorite saying at the house this past weekend was, 'what doing Grandma?'. He wanted to be involved in everything, and I let him!!

Love that little man.

Grandma A.

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