Saturday, July 2, 2011

Heart Walk 2011

Hey friends!

You've probably noticed a couple of changes to the blog this afternoon.  Unless, of course, you're reading this through your Google Reader; in which case, hop on over to the actual blog and check out what I'm about to describe.

Every year, the American Heart Association hosts a Heart Walk and 2011 will mark our second year of participation! Last year, we managed to raise right around $2,500 and had a team of 30 people walk with us ... that was HUGE!! I recently met with an AHA representative and she had nothing but great things to say about our fund-raising efforts as a Community Team, and challenged us to top it this year.

I totally think we can do it!

If you look at the top of the blog, right under the "Signs of Life" header, you'll see an AHA/Team Ethan image.  If you click anywhere on that picture, it will take you to the team page for "Team Ethan".  You'll be able to see how much money we've raised, and how many people have joined our team.  FYI: our goal for 2011 is to raise $3,500 through 35 team members.

From the team page, you can also click on "Join Our Team" to walk with us.  This year, the walk will take place on September 25th and it will be held, again, at the RBC Center.  If you're local, I'd love for you to walk with us and help us reach our goals! If you're not in the Raleigh area, would you consider being a "virtual walker"? You can still join our team and help with our fund-raising efforts.  I bet Jeramie could even Photoshop you into the team photo!

If you're not in the walking mood, but you would still like to donate, that's just fine! If you go back to our team page (via the AHA/Team Ethan image at the top of the blog) you'll see a box on the right-hand side that shows everyone who has registered as a team member.  You can click on one of those names to donate specifically to them, or you can choose "General Team Donation".  Either way, your donation will be added to our total team amount.

I have made it my personal goal to raise $500 for our team.  If you would like to donate to me, I've installed a widget on the right side of the blog.  It will show you how close I am to reaching my goal, and you can click on that image to take you straight to my personal page, where you'll be able to make a donation.

Your donations are tax-deductible and you'll receive a receipt for tax purposes when you complete your online donation.  If you're not comfortable donating online, send me an e-mail at joyemullis(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll give you a mailing address where checks can be sent.  (I have paper receipts for those who choose to donate through cash or checks.)

Also, only donations of $25 or greater can be made online.  Cash and checks are the best options for those who would like to donate less than $25.

Thirty-five team members.  Thirty-five hundred dollars.  I know we can do it!

He needs us to do it...

I pledge $10, now, who wants to go next?

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Anonymous said...

I will be signing up, you can count on me!!

Love Grandma A.

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