Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I can't make this stuff up...

OK, so I promise I'm not going to write about our nap time adventures forever, but this one is too good not to share.

I put Ethan down today the same way I have put him down the past few days.  Change his diaper.  Read a story.  Say our prayers.  Turn on sleepy music.  Cover him with the blanket.  Walk out of the room.  He was so quiet for the first few minutes, that I almost believed he was asleep.

He wasn't; but, as I mentioned yesterday, I could definitely tell he was resting.  A little while later, I heard him get up and walk around his room, then I heard him crawl back into his bed.  He was actually saying to himself, "lay down big boy bed .. take a nap" and I thought it might actually happen!

He was quiet again, but still moving around quite a bit in his bed.  It wasn't until I heard him playing with the CD player that I got suspicious.  We had already moved the changing table out of his room, remember? So, at that point, the only way for him to get to the top of the dresser was to use the dresser itself.

I ran up the stairs, opened his door, and expected to see him, somehow, sitting on top of the dresser.  That wasn't quite the scenario, but what I did see sent me back downstairs to grab the camera.

Naked as can be, having a grand ol' time with the contents of the drawers.
I instantly called Jeramie, as if my description could do the real thing any justice.  We were both laughing hysterically, which did nothing to discourage Ethan from said behavior, I'm sure.

The conversation that followed was the icing on the cake, though:
Me: "Ethan, where is your diaper?! And where are your pants?"
Ethan: [looking around the room, under the bed, etc.] "Umm..."
Jeramie: "Did he pee on anything?!"
Me: "I haven't even thought about that! Ethan, did you pee pee anywhere?"
Ethan: [looks in the bottom dresser drawer] ... "Yeah"
Me: "Yep.  There it is.  Ethan, did you pee pee anywhere else?"
Ethan: "Nope."
Well, at least he was honest.

At that point, there was nothing else I could possibly do to redeem "nap" time.  A few minutes later, the pee-filled drawer was cleaned out, clothes were put away, and a toddler booty was re-diapered.  We hopped in the car and set off for the safety aisle of our local Babies R Us where drawer latches quickly found their way into our possession.

I'm scared to imagine what he could possibly think of next.


BlessedMommy said...

Oh, I adore him!! Laughing my tail off!!!

Jen said...

Ok, I am literally laughing out LOUD!!!!!! It reminds me SO much of Andrew's little antics that I am finding myself SO grateful that someone else's kid does the same things! Hahaha! We walked in one afternoon to find Andrew the same way, except with #2 all over the room! I love how you try to remove all play things from the room so he'll sleep/rest, and they still find ways to get into trouble! Omg. Drawer latches on the dresser... that is too.stinkin.funny! Can't wait to hear more adventures!

Tara said...

Oh my goodness!! LOL, literally! too funny...So glad I have you guys walking this road before me! Ha! I just know Liam will be roaming his room like a monkey soon! Prayers for more restful nap times coming soon for you =)

Carolina Carters said...

LOL! I'm so sorry, but that is hilarious!! I'm super glad you snapped a picture! Ha!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest naked climber I have ever laid eyes on.

Love that little buddy.

Grandma A.

Kim Smith said...

This sounds just like Palmer! He has done so many things like this over the years. Sometimes, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Usually, laughing wins out. :) Nice work, Ethan!

Stefenie said...

OMG too funny!!! Hopefully the nap time antcis will simmer down for you!

mossfamily said...

He is such a mess! But a fun little mess, no doubt! Glad he only peed in one spot and that you found some latches! FYI- Jackson did this not once but twice & both times the dresser fell over on him! Whoops!

Kendra B. W. said...

Joye...this was SO funny, I had to share it with my mom. She loved it!! Ethan is too cute! What a blessing!!

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