Monday, October 3, 2011


Tonight, I found a quick and easy Halloween craft on Pinterest. Thinking I had all the supplies on hand, I got the family psyched up about craft night. 

While Jeramie cleaned up from dinner, Ethan and I went upstairs to gather cotton balls and dental floss.  It was then I realized we only had about 4 of the 28 needed cotton balls.  Bummer.

I put a shirt on Ethan (don't all of your children run around half naked?!) and went out for a quick Wal-Mart run (is there even such a thing?!).  We got what we needed and headed back home "super fast" as I knew I was working against the bedtime countdown clock.

Although the project turned out really cute (sorry - no pictures ... that's a different story for a different post), it was what happened in our neighborhood that I wanted to preserve here on the bloggy blog. 

There are two stop signs between the entrance of our neighborhood and our house.  Admittedly, I practice more of the "rolling stop" for the first, but always make a point to completely stop at the second.  As we were headed home tonight, I rolled through the first stop sign (maybe more quickly than usual) and then I heard "uh oh" from the backseat.

I questioned Ethan about what might have happened to induce the "uh oh" - a dropped toy? ...a spilled drink? - and after contemplating my question for a few seconds he stated, ever so bluntly, "Red means stop".


I guess all that pretend play is going to have a positive impact on more than Ethan's language.  My neighbors can send their thanks to Ethan's developmental therapist!


Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! I love it! More of getting busted will come in your life as he gets older... take it from experience. :)

Love Grandma A

Stefenie said...

Too funny! Gotta love it whne they bust you.

mossfamily said...

this just made me laugh. Love it! And i can totally envision you looking over your shoulder after his "uh oh" wondering what went awry! LOL! BUSTED!

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