Thursday, November 17, 2011

From the Mouth of My Babe

Two posts in one week?! Wow; Mama (or, Mom, if you ask Ethan) must have some time on her hands!

Truth is, I should probably be taking a nap. Tonight, I'll be joining Edward-lovers all over Garner for the midnight showing of "Breaking Dawn" (don't judge me!), and I'm sure I'll be feeling quite sleep deprived come tomorrow morning.  The things we do for a little bit of entertainment! 

Anyway ... moving on.

If you follow our Facebook page you've read some of the cute things that have come out of Ethan's mouth lately.  His language is really starting to pick up {insert sigh of relief here} and he's always surprising me with the things he says!

Exhibit A:

I walked downstairs a few days ago to see this on one of our walls.

"Look, mom! It's a A!" 

Thankfully, it was written in chalk and when I mentioned that I needed to clean it off the wall Ethan said, "I do it!", and he did.  But not before I could snap a picture of it, of course.

Exhibit B:

"Look my monkey face, mom!"

And other random musings:

{Ethan, riding his tricycle around the kitchen}
Me: Where are you going now?
E: I go get groceries.  OK, mom?


Anytime we go anywhere these days, Ethan wants to bring a toy car along.  One day, I asked him to pick just one and he said, "I want take both-uh-dem with us!".  In his world, "both" = any amount more than one!

{talking about Christmas at the dinner table}
Me: And Santa may even bring you some toys!
Ethan, who is currently afraid of Santa: Don't be scared.  Jesus is with you!


I sure do love my funny, talkative little boy!


Shannon Smith said...

That shirt in the monkey face picture is beyond awesome.

Also, I would not have pegged you as a Twilight-er. Enjoy!

Mandy said...

you ladies enjoy your midnight showing with all the crazy teenagers!! :) we need to get the boys together!

Tara said...

So sweet! Liam loves taking cars with him...sometimes I don't even know he has one with him, he just holds it the whole time! Hope you enjoyed the movie =)

Anonymous said...

He is sure coming up with the cutest 'kids say the darndest things'.

Not even 3 years old and already able to write an A! Yes, he meant to write that A, it was not an accident (just ask his Grandma if you don't believe him)

One of my favorite things he says is; 'what's that sound?' he is so curious and thrives on learning new things.

He is going to go so far in life and I hope to be there to embrace it all.

Love Grandma A.

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