Friday, December 30, 2011

From the Mouth of my Babe - Volume 2

A couple of weeks ago, Jeramie was putting Ethan in the car.  Jeramie accidentally bumped Ethan's head on the door and apologized for "bumping his noggin'"  Ethan responded with: "Daddy bump my noggin' everyday! At school..."

Evidently, we need a bigger car.


For the longest time, Ethan has pronounced "tomorrow" as "tum-ah-yo" and I adore it.  While at my parents' house for Christmas, he began talking about something that would happen the next day, but stopped himself mid-sentence and said, "No, not tum-ah-yo.  Tomorrow."

Like, duh.


And, finally, straight from Jeramie's Facebook status:

"Earlier tonight [Tuesday] Ethan accidentally kicked me in the coconuts (hard).  After about five minutes of me writhing in pain and him asking a handful of times if I was okay he finally said, 'Daddy? You dead?'"


What will he come up with next?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love this post! Ethan's personality is really booming!

Love Grandma A.

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