Saturday, February 11, 2012

CHD Awareness Week, continued

Remember to check out the giveaway post and submit your 3 entries for a chance to win that beautiful mosaic tile.

Also, Tara is giving away another awesome piece of "heart art".  Go check it out!


Thanks for the support y'all showed to my post over at Triangle Moms on Main! I really appreciated the kind comments, and everyone who shared it.  Stay tuned for part two, which will be posted on Valentine's day!

In case you missed it on Facebook - Ethan and I, along with another local heart family, were interviewed at Duke Children's yesterday! We're super thankful for News 14 Carolina who gave us the opportunity to tell our stories.   

Watch it here, and feel free to share it.

I still haven't heard from good ol' Governor Perdue about this year's proclamation, but we're plugging away with our awareness efforts anyway!

And, what is awareness without action? This petition needs 25,000 signatures before March 3rd.  Today is February 11th and there are currently 501 signatures.  It literally took me less than two minutes to create an account and sign it.   

Sign it, then pass it on.  Please.


Hope y'all are having a great weekend!

The start of our weekend - pink eye and a fever..

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing the video link, Joye! It was a great clip and very cool that Ethan was a part of it. I hope he is doing well and I hope that he kicks the pink eye and fever quickly.

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