Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From the Mouth of my Babe - Volume 3

A few days ago, I was in the car singing my own acappella version of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep".  After I belted out the first line - there's a fire starting in my heart (Actually, I sang, "there's a fire burning in my soul" - but, who's counting?) - Ethan joined in from the backseat, in true Bible song fashion:


Now, that's a new one.  "I've got the fire, fire, fire, fire down in my heart..."  All together, now!


Ethan's speech therapist was working on a language activity with him this morning.  She pointed to a girl in the picture and said, "Hmm ... I wonder what her name is?"  Ethan thought for a second, tapped his index finger on his lips and said, "I know! G-N-Y.  Granny!"

Some of you are not surprised.  Only my child would be more interested in reading and spelling than peeing in a toilet.


Ethan has been talking about his birthday a lot lately - the party, the cake, and what kind of presents he wants.  Recently, he and I were hanging out at home and he asked me, "Ethan get a baby for Christmas?".  

Given that Christmas is just over nine months away, he's making me wonder if he knows something I don't!


To infinity and beyond, kiddo.


Anonymous said...

so glad our computer is back up and running, I am catching up on your blog.

I love to hear what is on Ethan's mind.

Love you guys!!
Grandma A.

Carolina Carters said...

Ha! Uh oh, Joye! What are you not telling us?! :)

Love the Buzz wings. Derrick would LOVE those. You're too good. And OMG we have to make a date SOON! I'm sending you an email TODAY.

Love that boy!

Stefenie said...

Cute cute and CUTE!!

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