Thursday, May 31, 2012

One Thousand Gifts - Collage 1

For the story behind the collages, start here.


1.  prayer
2.  coffee
3.  flowers
4.  holding hands
5.  alone time
6.  handy hubby
7.  rest
8.  pink lips
9.  power outage
10.  healed hearts
11.  rain
12.  pillow fights
13.  bravery
14.  first friends
15.  curiosity
16.  homemade cookies 

I am really enjoying this project so far! I have found it challenging to always have my camera at the ready, and to want to take a picture when I find myself in a situation that I may not want to be thankful for. But, even just 16 photos in, I can already sense a change in my way of thinking - and that is the point, right?

Currently, I have a few friends going through some really rough patches in life.  It can be difficult to see any kind of good when words like cancer and divorce are hanging around.  Who really wants to give thanks for things like that? But, if I've learned anything in our journey with Ethan it's that beauty can come from brokenness, and today I am thankful for God's grace, which is sufficient for all of us in all of our weaknesses.


So, about that "c" word.  A good friend of ours was diagnosed last week with Classic Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  He and his wife recently started a blog to keep everyone updated on how he's doing.  They are just beginning their journey and I know they would appreciate your prayers.  Feel free to leave them some love!


Dana E. said...

Thanks for passing this along. I love the collage of photos, definitely something I need to do much better at. And who doesn't want more pictures of your sweet family. :)

Becca said...

I love One Thousand Gifts :-)

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