Friday, July 13, 2012

the Hearts Together charm

Hey y'all - happy weekend! If you follow along on our Facebook page then chances are you saw a photo of a pretty awesome Lego heart charm this afternoon.  It's called the Hearts Together charm and it's the creation of my best friend, Brandi, and her husband, Kevin.  While the idea may not be completely original (you can find everything on Etsy!), the generosity behind it absolutely is.

photo via Etsy

Brandi and Kevin have purchased and put together 200 of these charms with the hopes of using them to raise funds for the upcoming Triangle Heart Walk.  The process is simple: with every donation of at least $10 to Team Ethan, you will receive your very own Hearts Together charm!

(Note: For whatever reason, the AHA site will only allow donations of at least $25.  To make a donation between $10 and $25, please contact me.)

Brandi gifted me a charm a few weeks ago and I receive multiple compliments on it each day! A few donations have come in already and we've heard of folks wearing them as necklaces, bracelets, and even shoestring charms.  They are simply adorable and each charm represents all of us joining together to help mend broken hearts.

I would absolutely love for all 200 charms to find their way into 200 hands.  For 200 people to show them off proudly, while explaining what it means to be one in one hundred.  For 200 donations to be made to Team Ethan and the AHA.

Will you consider donating today?

Will you also share this post with your friend, your sister, your neighbor, your uncle? Will you do it to honor the children who are still fighting, and to remember those who CHDs took from us too soon?

Will you?

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