Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Big days ahead...

Ethan and I got back into Raleigh Sunday night, along with my mama and sister, after a long weekend in the Georgia mountains.  Last year's trip to Ohio, combined with this past weekend, officially makes Ethan the world's best traveler.

You know, in my completely unbiased Mom's Book of Records.

But, for real though.  I was so impressed with his ability to entertain himself - and maintain some excellent bladder control - while we were in the car.  We had a great time and, while it was a tad bit stressful managing Ethan without Jeramie's help for four days, I'd say it was a successful trip!

We're back into work/preschool mode this week, but we have some pretty big days coming up.  For starters, Ethan goes to see Dr. I on Friday.  The purpose of the appointment is two-fold.  One, Ethan's heart has barely even been listened to - let alone looked at - since his cath last month.  I'm sure that an echo will be on tap in order to check his right ventricular and conduit pressures and make sure the ballooned stent is still opened wide.  The second, and original, purpose of Friday's appointment is to do a pacemaker check, and general once-over, before our family heads out on a pretty spectacular vacation.

Where are we going, you ask?

Well  - we, along with some wonderful friends of ours, will be leaving on a jet plane next month and traveling to DISNEYWORLD! We've been talking about the trip for about seven months now, so for it to be right around the corner is more than exciting! Dr. I has given Ethan his medical blessing up to this point, so we're praying that Ethan's heart is just as healthy and strong as it was after the cath.  Prayers for an excellent report are greatly appreciated!

And, as far as big days go - who can forget that our local Heart Walk is taking place in just a couple weeks? If you're my Facebook friend, you've certainly gotten the memo! I am so proud of the way our team has gotten involved in our community this year and raised a good bit of money in the process! The support has been overwhelming and I'm convinced that loving-my-child-as-your-own should be its own love language.  There's still time to donate if you'd like - and, if not, we know that you still love us all the same.

Thanks for checking in and enjoy your days - however big or small they may seem!

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Becca said...

Glad you had a great trip - praying for your appointment!

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