Friday, September 14, 2012

From the Mouth of my Babe - Volume 8

Let's lighten the mood around here, shall we?


One of our local science museums has some awesome interactive exhibits.  Ethan and I took a trip there a few weeks ago and he was engrossed in one particular exhibit.  The goal was to observe the effect that washing your hands has on getting rid of germs.  With a little bit of lotion, a black-light, and some warm soapy water, kids can see their "germs" (the lotion) before and after washing their hands.  It really helped Ethan understand that our hands can be full of germs, even if we can't see them, and it has made the hand-washing battle much easier.

Fast-forward a few days later and I was talking to Ethan about what we should do together that week.  His response?

"Let's go to the museum so I can see how my germs are doing!"


North Carolina has been blessed with some awesome weather lately, which led to a conversation with Ethan about the four seasons.  I was explaining the varying temperatures that come along with each season ... 

"Summer is hot, winter is cold.  Fall is cool..."

...when Ethan interrupted.

"No! Fall is NOT cool.  'Cause if I fall, I will hurt my elbow."

Needless to say, I stopped the seasons conversation and moved on to explaining words with multiple meanings!


Ethan is a lover of all things creepy-crawly.  He will stop forty-eleven times between our house and the mailbox to watch bugs crawl on the sidewalk.  And if they crawl on him? Even better.  He takes great care not to hurt them - except for that one time when he made two worms out of one - and would much rather "put them back with their friends" than kill them. 

One day, he was playing in the playroom and got very quiet.  Soon after I noticed the silence he walked up to me with very sad eyes (and a very still bug in hand) and says,

"Did this bug got died?"


Ethan, you sure do keep us laughing!

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Stefenie said...

Ethan says the cutest things!

Anonymous said...

I know I say this over and over... but these are my favorite post.

I love hearing what is on that little man's mind.... he is so adorably cute!!

Anonymous said...

Grandma A made the last comment, I keep forgetting I am anonymous. :)

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