Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disney in Review - The Shows

One thing I didn't expect about Disney was the number of shows there were to watch! From stunt shows, to fireworks displays, to musicals - Disney has it covered.

The very first show we saw was Lights, Motors, Action! at Hollywood Studios.  I wasn't sure how Ethan would handle the incredibly loud noises, but he loved it! Actually, I'm not sure who enjoyed it more - him or Jeramie.  It was loaded with action and, of course, everyone loved it when this guy made an appearance...

All of the stunts were pretty awesome, and fire always makes things a little more interesting!

Ethan was a tad bit concerned for that guy in the fire suit, though.

See? I told you Jeramie loved it!

More exciting than that, though, was when he was picked later in the day to participate in the Indiana Jones stunt show.  Jonathan has seen this show multiple times and prepped Jeramie to make the biggest scene possible when they asked for volunteers.  For those of you who know my husband, you know that task was a piece of cake for him, and you're not surprised that he ended up on stage!

Passing his "audition" with flying colors!

Waving to his adoring fans after his big debut.

Later that evening, we were able to catch the late showing of Fantasmic!, a stunning fireworks/lights display and water show.  Ethan was not a fan of the "scary parts" involving the villains from various Disney movies, but absolutely loved the ending - as did I.  Big parenting props to Jeramie for tying the "good guy", "bad guy" theme into a conversation with Ethan about our faith, and props to Disney for those fireworks.  Unbelievable!

At Animal Kingdom, I had the opportunity to go up on stage with another guy to participate in Flights of Wonder.  The trainer sat us on a crate and told us to get our cameras ready.  In a matter of seconds, this was flying towards our heads...

I wish it had turned out a little better 'cause that was one HUGE owl, and it perched about 4 inches above my head.

Probably my favorite shows of the whole week, though, were Finding Nemo - The Musical and Festival of the Lion King.  We had front row seats to both and I was so impressed with the sheer amount of talent that goes into a couple of 30-minute shows.  I seriously wanted each of them to last way longer than they did!


I have one more post on tap and it's all about the magic of Disney.  There are moments etched on my heart that I don't think I'll ever forget, but I don't plan to take any chances.  That's what the blog's for, right?!

Hope y'all are having a happy Halloween!


Carolina Carters said...


How hilarious that Jeramie got in the show by acting a fool! Ha! I love it! I have to go back and catch up. I've been out of the blog-loop for a while. :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! I love all the pictures and it does my heart so good to see how much fun you guys had.

I love the fact that Jeramie enjoyed it to the fullest by being part of everything he could.

Love my son!!

Grandam A.

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