Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Feast

Last week, Ethan took part in his first ever holiday "program" - an adorable Thanksgiving feast put on by the three-year-old classes at his preschool.

He had spent the couple of weeks leading up to Thursday's event singing the songs and explaining to Jeramie and me how to bow after a performance.  Precious, I tell ya! Of course, on the day of, not a word escaped his little lips.  He went from excited about seeing us in the crowd, to shy, to even covering his face during part of one of the songs.  He was so proud just to be up there with his new buddies, though, and so were we!

Love that face!

Future outfielder?

Running to Mama after the performance

Ethan was especially excited that Jeramie was able to come, and I am so thankful for their sweet relationship.  These faces say it all...

In other feast news, we learned how to cook a turkey, according to Ethan... 

"My mommy puts the turkey in the oven for five hours.  Then she takes it out and puts salt on it."

Not bad, considering I can barely cook chicken tenders - let alone turkey.  He must be learning from those grandmas of his!

We hope y'all are having a great week and gearing up for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

So proud of our boy!


Stefenie said...

He is so cute Joye! Glad you all got to enjoy his little program!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of that little boy. I love all of the pictures...

Jeramie was shy like that when he was a little boy.... but look at him now.. not a shy bone in his body.. right?! Video's and pictures of yall's Disney trip proves that. :)

I think him being shy makes him even cuter!!

Love yall,
Grandma A.

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