Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall fun!

Fall is, hands down, my favorite season.  There comes a day, typically in October, when I step outside and can feel it.  The air is a bit cooler, the leaves are less green, and it just smells like fall.  Jeramie senses it, too, and we share a wide-eyed look that says, "Bring it on.  Let's do this."

The hoodies come out, the windows go up, and our house constantly smells like pumpkin.  I think our love for the season is quickly rubbing off on Ethan, too.  A few days ago, we walked outside and he declared, "What a beautiful day! Fall is my favorite year!"

Going to the pumpkin patch is a much anticipated family event each fall and this year's trip was especially built-up.  I won't name any names, but someone had to be removed from a birthday party, kicking and screaming, the morning of "pumpkin patch day" a few weekends ago.  We canceled our visit for the day and I'm honestly not sure who was more disappointed - Ethan or me.  We more than made up for it the following week, but not without learning a hard lesson in controlling our emotions. 

Just keepin' it real.

Now, back to happier times...

First up, I was able to join Ethan on his first-ever field trip and it was about as cute as you can imagine it to be! He has made fast-friends with Parker this year and their friendship warms my heart.  They were pretty much inseparable throughout the whole trip!

Other field trip highlights include: feeding a goat, picking out a pumpkin, and finding our way through a millet maze.  Good times!

A couple days later, Jeramie, Ethan, and I ventured out to a new-to-us farm outside of Raleigh.   It was much smaller than the others we've visited, but so fun! Ethan was most looking forward to the corn crib and it did not disappoint! Little did we know that we brought home about a cup of kernels in the pockets of his overalls, half of which showed up in the washing machine a few days later.

Ethan was all about feeding the animals there ... for about two seconds.  Once he saw the size of this cow's tongue, he quickly changed his mind! I put on my brave face for his sake, but I'll admit that I didn't love it, either.

I mean, really. Look at that tongue! ...and Ethan's face.  Everything about this picture makes me laugh!

There were a few other fun things for kids to do, too - rubber duck races, barrel train rides, and an awesome playground!

Of course, the hayride out to the pumpkin patch was a big hit! Each of us brought home a pumpkin, which we plan to decorate sometime this weekend, and I'm pretty sure it's going to involve power tools.  Stay tuned.

The prized pumpkin in the patch.

After a quick trip through the corn maze, our afternoon at the farm was complete. If you're local to the Raleigh area, check out Naylor Family Farm (but find a coupon first)!

This face? He can do it on command and it cracks us up every single time.

It's fall, y'all! We hope your days are happy!


Amanda said...

Such great pics!!

Sherry said...

I love it! That little boy smile is worth its weight in gold! Oh and little boy first friends are the best. You just wish that they could be friends forever...and stay that little forever too. Sigh. And yes, he is definitely the cutest pumpkin in the patch! I know what you mean about the crazy animal tongues. Reminds me of this crazy place north of us, Lazy 5 Ranch, that has the craziest animals I've ever seen. I remember thinking all the reviews about the place and animals were so funny they couldn't all be true, but after visiting, I definitely see that they are. Haha!

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