Sunday, September 14, 2008

14 weeks

Jeramie and I went to the doctor Thursday morning for our 14-week check-up and it went really well. The appointment itself was a bit "uneventful" but we were able to hear the heartbeat. This reassured us that the baby continues to be just fine! We also met with the insurance rep. and she went over my policy and how it applies to my maternity benefits. I'm pretty sure Jeramie understood it better than I did, though it was nice to walk away feeling informed and confident!

Our next appointment is Monday, October 13 (a few days shy of 19 weeks). We will have our regular 4-week check-up, as well as the anatomy scan. Will it be a boy or a girl?!?! I can't wait to find out!

Jeramie recently asked me what is my favorite part about being pregnant. At this point, I would have to say that hearing the heartbeat is the best thing ever! I never get tired of hearing that sound; I've even been tempted to buy one of those in-home dopplers just so I can hear it outside of the doctor's office! I've also enjoyed telling people and seeing how happy everyone is for us. Yesterday we had the opportunity to tell Jeramie's biological father that we are having a baby. It was a special moment, but also a little sad to think that he may never know this child. God can do amazing things with broken relationships, so we'll just have to wait and see what He has in store!

Thank you, Lord, for our little miracle!

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