Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

Yesterday was probably the most stressful day since Ethan's surgery. We appreciate all of the prayers and words of encouragement we received after yesterday's update. Jeramie and I were able to get some rest last night and we woke up feeling refreshed this morning.

Ethan is doing OK. The bleeding is still an issue and the pulmonologist is planning to do a bronchoscopy at some point today to try and locate the cause. We're praying that this is something minor and will begin to heal itself. We haven't gotten a lot of information on what it could be, so at this point we're feeling pretty clueless.

We also found out that Ethan will have surgery to insert the pacemaker. We are currently waiting on Dr. Jaggers' nurse to come talk to us about it. From the little bit we know it sounds like it will happen tomorrow morning. Say some prayers that God will strengthen his body for tomorrow's operation. It's not going to be nearly as invasive as last week's surgery and there's no reason right now to think he won't do just fine.

We're realizing that Ethan is a very particular little boy! He loves to be swaddled and can't stand for his diaper to be the least bit dirty. He's been put back on the sleep medication and pain reliever to help out with some of the agitation he's been experiencing the past 24 hours. I love seeing him awake and active but, at the same time, it's so much easier seeing him resting so peacefully with the medication.

I'll be sure to update later on once we know more about the specifics of his upcoming surgery. Until then, keep praying. We love how much y'all love our little boy!


Amber Bailey said...

Hey Joye,
It's Amber. Emma was the same way about her swaddle. It was very comforting to her, like she was still in the womb. Ethan probably thinks he's still with you when he's all swaddled up and that's why he's so happy then :) We're praying that the surgery goes well tomorrow. And glad to hear you woke up refreshed. That's so good! Get your sleep while you can!

Genia said...

Joye & Jeramie,
The picture of him sleeping is super sweet. He looks so peaceful. We are praying the surgery goes well tomorrow and Ethan is able to rest up today in order to endure tomorrow. I am glad you are feeling better today and more refreshed. I cannot understand how frustrating days like yesterday are for you, Jeramie, and your family. Please be encouraged though that one step back is not too bad considering the mile you have already run. Ethan is still way ahead and a determined little fighter. Hang in there and continue to trust in the Lord. He sees the bigger picture and has Ethan in His hand. Love much, Austin, Genia, Tyler, Nicholas, & Calie

MSP said...

Hi Joye & Jeramie,

Aunt Marion here. I just want you to know how much we are all praying for little Ethan and the two of you as well. I Love you guys and can't wait until I get the chance to spoil my little Great Nephew. He is sooooo precious.

Jessica Davis said...

I can't wait for Ethan to come out of his surgery tomorrow ever stronger, just like every other speed bump he comes across. My little trooper nephew :) I wish I could be there tomorrow and you know I would if I could, but I send my hopes and prayers with Mama. I love you and I can't wait to hear from you when it all went successful! And I think Genia's so right when she says he looks peaceful sleeping! I don't even see the tubes and wires that use to make me constantly cry and hate seeing him tied up like that..I just see a precious, beautiful little boy that's ready to come home to play and get spoiled! (or maybe he DOES like all the attention from his pretty nurses!) Either way I can't wait to see you again. I love y'all

jennynaree said...

We are praying for you all!
Jenn and Nathan

Brandi said...

I love that picture of Jeramie, so loving, & Ethan, sleeping so comfortably. We love you girl, and appreciate this blog that you post to keep us all up to date on Ethan's progress. We're still praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Joye, I just read what has been going on, you are a strong woman and always have been. I don't know Jeramie, but I know that if he is with you he must be a wonderful person because you are. I just want you guys to know that God puts each one of us on this earth for a reason and Ethan is no different, I will keep you guys in my prayers and I hope you get some much needed rest I know how hard it can be! Amanda Pickett

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