Monday, April 20, 2009


Remember Charlotte? I posted this a while back about her and another special friend of ours. Anyway, her amazing mama created some buttons for the blog! The first one, "Praying for Ethan", has a code attached so that you can post it to your blog and spread the word about our little miracle. The second button will link directly to my previous post about how to help.

Thank you, Jenn! Now, you guys put her work to good use and grab the button!

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Anonymous said...

one of my friends follows blogs of many mamas whose babies need praying for - and she has shown them to me several times. Finally she sent the links to me, and it's so funny - several of them are now on your page! She was telling me how interconnected they all are. Know that she and her family are praying for you and Ethan, as well.

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