Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Donation Information

This is a follow-up post to this one for those of you who are interested! Thank you for the encouragement you've given us in regards to asking for help. It's so humbling to know that so many people WANT to help and desire to live out the values of our community. We are forever grateful for that!

The following is the information you'll need if you would like to make a donation.

Make checks payable to "Visio Dei" and mail them to:
Visio Dei
524 E. Whitaker Mill Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27608

In the memo line, be sure to write something along the lines of "Ethan Mullis" or "Mullis Family" so that the church will know it's designated for us. At the end of the year, a statement that you can use for tax purposes will be mailed to the address on your check.

Thanks again for all of your support. We love you guys!


Kim Smith said...

Hey! I have a check from my sister that she wrote while she was visiting this past weekend. It's in your names, though... so, I'll have to get it to you personally so that you can deposit it. Hope you and Ethan are having a good day. Still praying for you guys! Love you!

Erin said...

HOw did yesterday turn out? Is Ethan doing well today and sleeping? Good to know where we can send the cash. :)

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