Monday, April 13, 2009

Surgery #3

Hey guys. I'm writing from the OR waiting room. Ethan just went back for surgery #3 to have a broviac inserted. Basically, the original idea to have it placed in his side by the cath lab folks was a no go. The pacemaker was too large of a concern, so it will now be placed in his chest area by a general surgeon.

This all came pretty quickly; even our nurse was shocked when they came down to get him!

Here are some things to be praying for over the next couple of hours:
-that God will guide the surgeon's hands and give them wisdom to make the right decisions on where to place this in his chest
-that Ethan will tolerate the anesthesia and come through the surgery successfully
-that he will have no problems coming off of The Blue Monster, aka the breathing tube/vent
-that this will be a successful solution to our IV issues over the past few days

In other news, your prayers worked wonders last night! Ethan slept for 4 hours at time, as if he woke-up on cue for his dose of Tylenol. He has been a very happy baby today for the most part, and now we're here waiting for what we specifically asked y'all to pray for. Keep it up...we still have a few bridges to cross!

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Taylor said...

Dear Joye,
Our prayers continue to go up for your little guy. We look forward to the day that you get to take your little man home to the comfort of your own home. God has it all in His hands.
All our love,
Taylor & Donnie

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