Sunday, April 12, 2009

Not gettin' any better..

Hey y'all. We need some major prayers right now. I don't have the time or the energy to go into many details, but last night and today have been pretty bad.

The short of the story is that Ethan's IV didn't make it, and a 2nd one that was inserted lasted a matter of hours. He now has a scalp IV, which is exactly what it sounds like. He's getting a basic mixture of sugar water and his antibiotics through it, but no TPN. The fear is that if TPN goes through this IV, it won't last either. He's not sleeping well, and he's screaming when he's awake. We need y'all to pray that this IV makes it through the night, and that the 3 of us do, too. We're all going off of very little sleep and it's SO frustrating to not be able to help my baby.

The plan is for Ethan to go down to the cath lab tomorrow to have something called a hepatic broviac inserted into his side. This will give us the central line we've been going for. The PICC is no longer an option, so this is our next best bet. There's a chance this won't happen, though, because his pacemaker is on the same side the broviac would need to go. If the doctor feels as though he can't work around it, then we'll have to move onto Plan #1,342.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for the following:
-a restful evening and night for Ethan, Jeramie, and myself
-that his scalp IV will make it through tonight and tomorrow until the broviac procedure
-that the broviac procedure will happen as planned tomorrow (they're telling us we're scheduled for noon, but we've come to learn that probably means more like 3:00 or 4:00)
-that the procedure would be a success, regardless of the pacemaker placement
-that Ethan would be calm during his wake times (his heartrate is staying between 170 and 200 when he's awake...not great)

We need y'all right now. We're feeling pretty spent, emotionally and physically. Please keep praying...


Jessica Davis said...

I'll be praying for you ALLLL night! Just as hard as I was prayin for you in the bathroom at the hospital today and I came back and he was asleep in your arms! I love you and I know everything will work out tonight! I love you all so much! Noon (or 4) will come sooner than you know it!

Anonymous said...

We're continuing to pray for the 3 of you and we pray that Ethan's procedure will be a success tomorrow. We love you guys. Kendal and Lisa

jennynaree said...

I am praying for you all. I hope all have a restfull night and tomorrow everything goes smoothly.
Lots of Love,

Jennifer and Nathan McLaughlin

Julianne17 said...

Oh Joye,
I am with my mom in Montana and as I read her this update we just stopped and prayed immediately. We join hands with you, in the spiritual realm, and stand around Ethan and declare that neither life nor death, nor ANY other created thing, will be able to separate him from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus Our Lord.
It is probably hard to see in the middle of it all how the Easter story has much to do with your reality right now. As I was praying, it came to me, that Jesus conquered the grave...through love. Of course we pray for life for Ethan and peace for your own hearts as you go through the most difficult thing imaginable. He is with you, surely.

Genia said...

Hang in there. We are praying the three of you will be able to get some much needed rest tonight and his procedure will be able to happen tomorrow at the close to scheduled time. Love you bunches. Genia

Anonymous said...

Grandma A and Paw Paw are definately praying for a restful night for all 3 of you guys.

We are praying for a good week to follow this very challenging weekend.

Constance said...

thinking of and praying for you guys often

Anonymous said...

We love you guys and are praying for you, too. You may see Tara and me in the morning, just to let you know you have our support. We pray that you will get a good night's rest.

Brandi said...

"me" is Brandi, by the way,haha (see above comment).

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